Friday, March 27, 2015

Can't study, let's gif surf

This is basically me when I try to get to my studies.  I'll sit at a desk, telling myself that I won't go anywhere until I devote at least an hour or two studying.

I start to study and realize that I need to use the internet to look up some material.  Telling myself that I will not get distracted, I search the info necessary and then, somehow, s-o-m-e-h-o-w... I always end up gif surfing.  You might be wondering, "why not just turn off the computer then?"  I've tried, and the result is me looking like an idiot staring off into lala land after about half an hour.

This time it was ALoK gifs (I got my sis addicted to the series and we've been watching it. lol).  Has anyone else watched this show?  I'm in love; the animation is gorgeous, the plot is incredible,  omg, too much awesomeness... I can't even.

If you're ever feeling frustrated in life, just go gif surfing.  Trust me, it's definitely one way to feel better.

Allow me to indulge in my unhealthy addiction to gifs. 

So true, right???

1 comment:

lovepirate said...

Hahaha, I really enjoy gif surfing when I'm kind of mentally drained or something. It's always so nice and you will have a good laugh. XD