Friday, March 27, 2015

Group work in college sucks

1. Usually, by this time, everyone has their own 'life' so it sucks that much more if we need to meet outside of class.  Peer bonding?  Gag me.  Sorry, we're not a club or sports team, and I don't wanna see these bastards anywhere but inside our educational institution!  Don't even get me started on people being late when we agree on a time to meet.

2. Most people are lazy and won't take initiative to do work. When someone responsible finally steps up to the plate, delegates, organizes, and puts in a lot of effort because no one else will, they're instantly labeled as one or more of the following: bossy, uptight, overachieving, attention whore.

3. More often than not, the hard worker in the group is under appreciated and exploited while the so-called popular, lazier one in the group seems to get all the thanks and credit for doing a small task.  What... the... fuck?

4. Since college instructors don't aid in the delegation of tasks, the workload of the group is almost always unbalanced.  No matter what, some asshole in the group is gonna benefit from all your hard work without lifting a finger.

5. If you are one of those diamonds in the rough who is passionate and works hard, you won't be able to do everything your way.  Yes, you'll have to nod and smile and agree in favor of the more often than not, idiotic popular vote.  Yeah, yeah, this is the real world and you can't always have it your way.  But shouldn't we be in control of what little we can while we're in school? 

6. I'm sorry, but in most cases, I hate working with groups of people.  Because unless you get along swimmingly or work with like-minded, and at the very least, motivated individuals, you're screwed. 

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lovepirate said...

Oh yeah, I can relate.
#1 is so very exact, I couldn't have said it better. XD