Thursday, November 5, 2015

College 60% Life 40%

Hello again. For some reason, every time I have an epiphany or just the urge to write about my life, I'm in the shower of all places. And by the time I get to my computer to actually write, I don't know what I should say...

But I'll try my best.

I'm in my second semester of nursing school. Not working, just school. And it's actually okay. I don't feel like my life is consumed by school and I feel like I have adequate time to study. I also feel super fortunate that I don't have to work while doing this because, well, that would kind of really suck as it would leave no room for life.

So I can say, because I'm not working while in nursing school, in this second semester, I can still have a life. :D Albeit a simple life, since I'm on a strict budget.

For 'fun', I've been doing what most people who are trying to save money do when they have no rights to spend on leisure.

And that is watch movies and TV series and K-dramas and Youtube.

From this past Halloween, I've been trying to be brave and watch some super scary movies... Movies that will give me nightmares. I tried a few that I found online. The first one I chose was surprisingly a comedy though. I should have done my research.  ORZ

1. The Cabin in the Woods (horror/comedy, omg fail on my part)
2. The Babadook (not as scary as I thought it would be but not bad)
3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (I was not super scared or freaked out so another fail)

I just wanted to find a really scary movie and pretty much failed. lol

I still have Sinister that I haven't watched yet. I've also heard that the Thailand movie Shutter was super scary. One of these days...

I'm starting to wonder if I just don't get that scared of horror/thriller movies anymore.
My parents never seem to get freaked out by scary movies. So I've made the hypothesis that perhaps it's because I'm more mature now and seen enough horrors in reality. So now these movies just don't seem that frightening anymore. :/

I did see a cool movie called Cloud Atlas. It was recommended by one of my favorite youtubers, Comicbookgirl19.

I really enjoyed this one because of the various settings and deliciously detailed costume, makeup, and set designs.

I also liked the idea of people being reincarnated into good/evil/neutral and they could be different genders, race, etc.

I loved how I actually had to pay close attention to what was happening to really understand the film. The challenge must excite me I guess.

The new American Horror story series came out with their new season, Hotel. I'm excited to see if I'll like it. I've seen Murder House (my fav so far) and Coven. I wasn't really interested in Asylum and Freak Show. Hopefully I like this new series because I do want to get back into American Horror Story. (>w<)

What else... I really love this app I started to use for texting called Line. I believe it is originated in Japan but its creation is also credited to Koreans, Chinese, and Americans.

I think it takes emoji to a whole new level because it has 'stickers' which are just what the name implies, stickers. Instead of tiny emojis, there is much more selection with stickers. They can be anime, cute animals, animated, Disney, Sanrio.. pretty much anything where a person can design a set of expression stickers.

The stickers are bought with 'coins' that you can earn either through Line games or by purchasing them. To put it simply, a set of stickers cost from $0.99-$1.99, which imo really isn't that bad for a set of stickers that last indefinitely. I mean, irl, stickers often cost more than that.

So far, I've gotten one of my friends into it and I've been trying to convert my sis over to it. XD I also found another friend who already has Line. It's super fun finding stickers to convey my emotions in whole new ways that simple emojis never could.

The new Korean dramas I've been watching are Healer, Yong Pal, and Mask. I've added them to my drama list. They're all very good. Not really romcoms though. Healer is an action/romance, Yong Pal is a medical/romance/drama, and Mask is a melodrama with some moments of comedy. I mostly watch Mask for Ju Ji Hoon though. ------------->
Welcome back sexy!!! \(">///<")/
xD How I've missed that guy..

I finished one Korean drama called Oh My Ghost. It was actually quite funny and exciting with the whole sexual aspect of it which is so uncommon in romcoms. It also had a violent and dark twist which was a surprise with how light and fluffy it seemed on the surface.

I've also been watching BuzzFeed Youtube videos. If anyone hasn't watched them, you should, especially if you're a millennial like me! I seem to favor BuzzFeedViolet. ^^ They just seem really funny and relatable.

That's about all that's been going on in the 40% of my life that's not dedicated to nursing school. It keeps me sane if you know what I mean. But the school is okay. It's been an interesting journey for sure and I enjoy learning more about how this world works, especially in the health care field.

We're currently learning about vaccinations and why they're so important. And the anti's and why it's so bad not to get vaccinated even though it doesn't seem like we get these specific diseases anymore. Has anyone else heard about the Disneyland measles outbreak? Gross much? D: I've also heard about my mom's friend's brother passing away from Polio of all things. And I found that so sad because there is a vaccine for Polio... Long story short, get your vaccines.

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