Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've been meaning to make some kind of official log of my ratings on all the dramas I've seen (at least, by what I remember...).  I'm updating this as often as I can, the most recent dramas I'm watching are at the top of each genre.
Hope someone finds this drama guide helpful. 

NOTE: If I haven't rated the drama, it's probably because I haven't finished watching it.

I'll try to keep this updated.

-Kill Me, Heal Me [.../10]
-Mask [.../10]
-Healer [9/10]
-Yong Pal [.../10]
-Oh my Ghost [8/10]
-The Heirs [.../10]
-The Innocent Man [10/10]
-49 Days [10/10]   
-Cheongdamdong Alice [8/10]
-Heartstrings [6/10]
-Flower Boy Next Door [8/10]
-Panda and Hedgehog [7/10]
-City Hunter [8/10]
-Big [7/10]
-Ojakgyo Brothers [10/10]
-Rooftop Prince [10/10]
-Mischievous Kiss [7.5/10] 
-Lie to Me [9/10]
-Witch Yoo Hee [10/10]
-Winter Sonata [9/10]
-Bad Couple [8/10]
-Oh! My Lady [9/10]
-Goong [10/10]
-Full House [10/10]

-The Naked Kitchen [8/10]
-Antique [9/10]
-...ing [9/10]
-You're my Pet [10/10]


-Hungry! [10/10]
-Zettai Kareshi [6.5/10]
-Kimi wa Petto [7.5/10]
-Gokusen [8/10]
-Hana Yori Dango [8/10]


-Great Teacher Onizuka



-Skip Beat! [8/10]
-Devil Beside You [8.5/10]
-Hana Kimi (Taiwanese version) [7/10]
-ToGetHer [8.5/10


Below are dramas that I don't think are worth watching OR just couldn't get through the beginning because it was either too boring, too cliche, too stupid, or too slow moving.  I've rated some of these dramas where I finished the series.  As for the reason why I suffered through watching, I'm not sure... D:

-Operation Proposal (Korean)
-Why Why Love (Taiwanese)
-Miss No Good (Taiwanese)
-Snow White (Korean) [WATCHED, 4/10]
-Hearts in Bali (Korean) [WATCHED, 4.5/10]
-My Lucky Star (Taiwanese)
-Itazura na Kiss (Japanese)
-Who are You (Korean)
-Love Marriage (Korean)
-Single Dad in Love (Korean)
-Princess Lulu (Korean)
-Love or Bread (Taiwanese)
-They Kissed Again (Taiwanese) [WATCHED, 4/10]
-Easy Fortune Happy Life (Taiwanese)

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