Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter break!!! Yaaassss!

It's been about a week into my winter break. Time goes by too fast... (T-T) I have tried my best to make the most of my time. So that means more reading, watching all the TV shows/movies/anime I want, supplemental studying, pampering my skin to the max, and cooking & baking for my family because that makes them happy! \(^o^)/

I've been having a really nice time though. It's so nice to not worry about studies and passing exams. I actually got through the first year of nursing school. Can you believe it? And this last semester was so challenging for me. I'm honestly a bit worried for next semester where we'll have two classes at the same time instead of just one. Although the last class we had, it was like two classes in one with OB/Peds being two completely different animals. OB is seriously a whole other world. One of the biggest things I experienced was seeing a baby being born and watching procedures in the OR.

I'm trying to come up with some kind of study schedule. I'm thinking about printing out one of those schedule outlines and using that just so I don't waste too much time. I also made it a point to read more.

So far I've 'skimmed' through a couple of books. One was an aromatherapy oils book and another was a book on underage drinking (for psychological nursing next semester).

With Christmas right around the corner, I've also been doing a lot of cooking and some baking. I enjoy doing it for the family. ^^

My aunty is visiting from Hawaii around Christmas. Gotta prepare so she can eat all kinds of yummy foods! I plan to bake a Christmas cake for her, my grandma, and the family to eat on Christmas day. Maybe I should make two because we usually eat the cake on Christmas eve... I wish my sister or brother were more interested in cooking and baking because I do so much of it. It would be nice to get some help.

Some of my old coworkers found me on facebook. I had a handful of friend requests and I'm here wondering who requested elusive me. I hate facebook for various reasons. I only have one because of peer pressure from the family. I never go on it unless someone I know friend requests me or less commonly, sends me a message. It's interesting because people will friend request you but rarely ever message you. It's sort of like we're just collecting friends, family, and acquaintances just to collect them... like trophies.

I have more fun with an anime friend site I found. At least I can have some interesting online conversations, no strings attached.

I'm also happy to say that I reconnected with an old youtube friend. I used to edit Disney Music Vids (DMVs) at the same time she did. We also had really cool penpal conversations with each other for years until youtube changed its design and all our messages were lost to cyberspace. With the help of Line, I can talk with her again. It's great that we can still talk again.

I've found some new youtube channels that I like watching. One of the youtubers has been an amazing role model and influence on me to be more organized with my time and to do a better job at studying. I'm not that good at studying and she really helped me to make studying not something to be dreaded but instead productive. I first found her when I saw a video of Anime vs Real Life and it was so cute and funny, I eventually watched her other videos. She is very organized and a great role model. Her name is RafiRaffee and she is a youtuber from Indonesia.

I also really enjoy watching Einshine. I'm not a hardcore anime fan or anything but I just find him hilarious and adorable; so I watch him too.

There is not much else going on right now. I just thought I'd check in and write a little about the happenings atm. No school so I have all this time with so much potential.

I hope everyone else is having a nice winter break!

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