Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cringe moments where I need an intervention

If anyone else has watched danisnotonfire's youtube video of cringe attacks, *high fives*.

I have these moments a bit too often for my taste. Probably because I don't have enough to keep my mind occupied. Bad memories (usually where I made a fool of myself) from the past creep up on me all too often.

Like today, this moment from last semester in school re-surfaced where... okay not even going to talk about it or else I'll keep thinking about this forever. (-__-) The gist of it is that I just shouldn't care about what people think of me and instead put my best face forward. I worry too much about what others think of me. Period. And for some reason, it's always worse in a work or school setting. Social settings? Meh. But work and school are the killers.

Now this is where the intervention should set in. There are so many times where I wish that I could have an existential crisis when I get my 'cringe attacks'. I mean, wouldn't it be so great if every time we had a bad memory re-surface that won't leave us alone, instead we question our existence in the world and think about what small and insignificant tiny dust particles we are?


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