Friday, May 27, 2016

How webtoons have turned me to the 'manhwa side'

A few months ago while I was busy studying my life away, I made a very interesting discovery. I don't know how I ended up downloading this app called Webtoons but I can only assume that I found it through the app called Line (which I was already using).

So what are Webtoons? From what I learned, it is a "Korean manhwa that is published online." They are usually in color or a grayscale type of color and are read scrolling down instead of reading left to right (but there are some that are read this way).

 Just an example (Cheese in the Trap, Ep. 0 - Prologue)...

There is also an app called Webtoons which caters to English speakers. Some of the comics on there are created by non-Korean artists. Does this revoke the comic's manhwa title? You decide. 

Many of the popular Korean comics are translated from a website called Naver and then uploaded onto Webtoons. Unfortunately, some of the official manhwa are very, very far behind in translation. A good example is Cheese in the Trap (a brilliant and engaging psychological thriller/romance/comedy) which is already in season 4 in Korea and is still in season 2 in the US.

These webtoons have really enlightened me to the vast potential of comics. There are some webtoons that have music, animation, and sound effects, to give an example. It's incredible and before webtoons, I've never thought of these effects being used for comics. Supplemental effects can greatly enhance the experience of reading these stories.

I'm really glad I discovered webtoons. They brightened my day when I was tired from studying all the time and opened my eyes to the immense potential for the future of comics. I can see how advanced Korea has gotten with comics and I'm so excited to see manhwa evolving and paving their own way in the comics world. I've been sold on manhwa webtoons and never going back.

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