Saturday, November 26, 2016

Current happenings

Hello again (insider joke). Yes, it has been another time skip. After finishing Mr. Robot season 2 and laying 
around contemplating what to do with my life, I found another show to watch (American Horror Story season 6: My Roanoke Nightmare). It was also good and I had fun watching it with my mom. But it didn't meet the caliber of Mr. Robot. or even its own predecessors. I blame it on the bizarre platform for this season of AHS. It was too.. Blair Witch-y... (-__-) Let's just say the shaky cam made me dizzy and the story escalated too soon, leaving a somewhat dry finale.
So after all that was over, I knew I had to pick up another show (because I have such a fascinating life to live!) and decided that it was time for another K-drama~! So, after watching some fan MV's on YouTube for inspiration, I decided to go with something unfamiliar. It's a historical drama called Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Yep, a mouthful. But it turned out to be better than I expected!
This looks like a harem drama but really, it isn't.
One of the things I love about Moon Lovers is that it doesn't drag on in the beginning and gets the girl to the past ASAP. I always hate it when a protagonist (who time jumps) has their sad, sad backstory delivered at an agonizingly slow pace. Honestly, I don't care! Just go back in time and meet your future soul mate!
This K-drama has the Beauty and the Beast theme going for it with Wang So and his scarred face. 
Characters in the show make a big deal about it. But really? He's hot, and basically the Flower Boy Representative of Korea so no worries man!
I promise I'll talk more about this drama in a separate post. I have quite a few opinions to get off my chest. And only 2 more episodes to go!

Aside from my obsession with Moon Lovers, I've been a slave to my RN portfolio. We're supposed to have one created before we finish the nursing program (aka, we get graded for it). I haven't really mentioned this but I'LL BE FINISHED WITH NURSING SCHOOL IN ONLY 2 WEEKS-!!!!!
Thank you, thank you, yeah, I survived! So back to this portfolio. I guess nowadays, like people in the creative field, nurses are also required to present portfolios with educational and professional work included. It's getting more and more competitive each day.. 

This has actually been a fun experience though. I guess it's because I like doing projects and creating things. It makes me feel accomplished. :D

Note: I blocked out my name (for privacy reasons!). It actually looks mediocre without it but you get the idea. 
I've been spending countless hours on this beast. I've also been steadily working on Kaplan NCLEX practice questions (about 25-50 a day). We have this "NCLEX Certification" monster of an exam to anticipate after graduation. I think I'll probably make a post about how I'm studying for NCLEX, just for reference in case future students want some ideas for NCLEX prep. Haha, a good game would be to take a shot for each time I say NCLEX. I'm so grateful to the nurses who posted their experiences with NCLEX and how they studied for it. 

That's really all that's been happening so far. I have my study schedule and I've officially completed my final touches on thank you gifts for instructors. I went with baked cookies and thank you cards. :3 It was hard work but at least it only lasted for a couple of days. 

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