Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Anyway, these pics looks pretty blurry/bad quality on here but if you click on them, they come out really big so uh, beware.

So this is my little makeup workstation. I put it right next to my computer so I guess when I start making vids of something, it'll be easy to access everything.

You can see that I've only got a few brushes. I don't use too many. I'm fairly particular. There's also that big Sephora bag there. It's got all the eyeshadows. I'll post more pics later with the colors.

The tokidoki bag my aunty got for me. It's so cute! Thanks aunty DD! \(^o^)/

Here's the inside of the bag..

This is my baby! (">_<") .... lol, awww, the socks in the background ruin the picture! Here's the baby givin' some attitude!

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