Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Shopping <3 <3 <3

at last, I have finally found a camera!!! it's this maroon-ish colored nikon. i went to target the other day and of course they were all out of that type of camera.. (-___-) just my luck...
they also told me that they've been out of stock of that camera since christmas!

that's like... 2 weeks already! (T.T) now i'll have to wait for who knows how long.

other than that, i really did get everything else i saved up for. :)

i went to old navy and got this white, i repeat, white winter jacket. i can't believe myself either. i usually NEVER buy white clothing, especially a jacket. it was just sooooo nice and it was on sale for 60% off! it was on boxing day and i didn't think that it could get any better than that. i ended up paying around $35 for the jacket which isn't too bad considering it's a feather down jacket that used to be at least $90.

annnd.. i went to ulta again. xP
that store is becoming a drug addiction.
i went there and bought a couple of nyx eyeshadows, each $4.99 and the urban decay wallpaper shadow book which was $34.

they're all very nice shadows but i recommend people not bothering to buy the nyx baby pink color because it's generic and you can most likely find a cheaper brand with the exact same color.
the other two, silver and frosted flakes were quite nice. i think the silver nyx shadow would go perfectly with black to make a very sultry smokey eye look. the frosted flakes would be a great highlighter to go with that.

urban decay never fails me so i was pretty cool with all the colors. i just wish that they wouldn't make those glittery eye shadows anymore... all the glitter particles end up falling off anyway. the shimmery eyeshadows are beautiful though.

i also went ahead and bought myself a new eyeliner marker (yes!). those i would have to say, work the best for me. i've tried the pencils and they scrape my eyes when i apply them and the colors from the eyeliner pencils always bleed and/or smudge on me.
on the other hand, the pen eyeliners have never or hardly smear or leak on my eyes and they have a softer and easier application. the eyeliner pens have NEVER scraped my eyes.
the one i bought from ulta was this physician's formula eyeliner pen and that was $5.99.
[here's a tip for all you ladies, make sure you buy most of the common brands from a target.
i just went to target the other day and they had the exact same physician's formula eyeliner pen and it was only around $5.09 or something!!! almost a dollar difference!!! so make sure that if you can find a makeup brand that you want in target, BUY it from target. if you ever buy makeup from ulta, make sure it's something that you can't find anywhere else.]

at target yesterday, i went ahead and looked for the camera as i specified earlier but they were out of stock.. grrrrrr..............
i then went ahead and got some nailpolish, black, and this other color... kinda like a very light, marble caramel.. i'll take a pic of all this stuff once i get that camera. ;)

there was also the small sonia kashuk eyeshadow brush that i've been waiting so long to get. that was i think, $9.99. i have the larger one and i curse myself for getting it because it's just too big and it doesn't grab the eyeshadow as good as my smaller brushes.
lol, when i look at all the brushes i have, it's so funny because i have almost all those sonia kashuk brushes from target and two of them i hardly even use anymore. what a waste... x[

okay, deoderant. now i know this is a somewhat wierd thing to be talking about but this deoderant works so well! also at target (i know, i'm a target junkie), i saw that the dove deoderant sticks were on sale so i decided to buy one. the smell that i liked the best was their grapefruit and lemon grass sage smell.
i put some one today and omg, it serves as a body spray/perfume too! it smells reeeeally good and i can smell it just standing still.
i'm gonna see how long this baby lasts. i've been wearing it since last night and it's like, 3:00pm now and the nice smell is still going strong lol.
i hope i don't sound gross while saying this, but i have been previously using the deoderant ban and compared to the dove, it really sucks! the aluminum percentage is higher AND it doesn't work half as good. (note: aluminum is said to be bad for you in deoderant)
i'd put on the ban in the morning and by midday, it would be 'ineffective'... (>_>)
it is unscented too and well, although it was unscented, i would still smell a scent if you know what i mean, lmao. it also said that it was supposed to go on clear but after a while, even though it was more of a gel, i still got that residue stuff from it. yuck.
so yeah, don't get ban unless you go with the scented ones i suppose, since the unscented ones are so ineffective and don't do crap.

okies, that's all for now.. when i get a camera, i'll post pics on here.

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