Monday, January 12, 2009

Nikon Coolpix S210

Yay! I finally got myself a camera! It's as the title implies, a Nikon Coolpix model S210 with 8.0 Megapixels. Such a pretty plum color.. And I'm not being sarcastic. (>_<) While I happened to be at Walmart, I saw it was $119 so I went ahead and bought it since it was the last one and the price was good. The thing is, I actually saw it first at Target for $139.99 but they were sold out since Christmas. And THANK GOD they were! I would've gotten ripped off by a good $20! (Okay, it's not THAT much but I could get a lot of stuff with $20 you know......) Now I know not to trust electronic prices at Target since they apparently overcharge their cameras (even if it's only slight)! >:(

I used it while I was at the zoo to give it a test run and it didn't disappoint. The pictures were very clear, mind the ones where I was moving and then taking pictures.

I've also tried taking videos with this camera and they come out pretty clear. I'm very satisfied.
I still have yet to learn how to change the lighting modes but that shouldn't take too long. I'm procrastinating on reading the instructions...

So other than that, today, my car was egged! (.\_/.) grrrrr..
I was already leaving the house this morning to go to work and then I find this big spatter of raw egg on my car and of course I don't have time to clean it up. So I have to go through the humiliation of driving to work with this big egg yolk splatter on the hood of my car. It sucked but I tried my best to ignore it.

After work, I had to clean it all up because the longer you leave raw eggs on your car, the harder it will be to remove later.
I would love to believe that it will eventually crust off after a while but this is an urban legend unless you're waiting centuries.

It was so gross... I went into the house, got the pyrex pitcher and microwaved myself some hot water. Then I poured it over the raw eggs on my car and the smell was..... *shiver*, disgusting!
I would describe it like cooking rotten eggs but I haven't smelt rotten eggs recently so I wouldn't know. That's just what I though it smelt like. Yuck!!!

About an hour later, all the eggs still hadn't come off (most of it did though) and I was too tired to scrub anymore. I couldn't reach the middle of the windshield anyway without a stepstool (me being too short for my car) and I wasn't about to go look for it. (-__-)

Since I was already in my 'cleaning mode', I went ahead and cleaned my bathroom that was fairly filthy for the past two weeks, hehe, yeah, I know, gross out-! lmao
I don't wanna play the blame game but it's serioulsy mostly due to my sis. Her side of the sink is nasty with all her makeup sprawled all over the place and the water/soap residue from the sink is mixed in with all that junk........., blehh.
I try to tell her to clean it up but eventually it gets to be all yucky again. I'll take a pic sometime and you'll all see the truth. (o_O)
That cleaning took about an hour and a half.
I spent time taking down dirty laundry, wiping the mirror and sink, cleaning the toilet, and throwing away empty shampoo bottles.
It all made quite a nice difference. A lot less clutter. :D

lol, so enough of all my cleaning rambling.. I can get really carried away talking about cleaning. I think I get that from my dad... Or maybe my mom. Oh well, since they're both like that, I don't think I stood a chance of not catching this "clean gene." heheh

I'll be starting on taking some pics of my room or other interesting things soon to put on this blog.
I still gotta think of some makeup video ideas or maybe I might make a cooking video.
... Makeup and cooking.. That's a weird video combination to put on the same site but whatevah. They're what I like and they're both creative so why not right? \("^_^")/

That's all for today peeps. I'll update pics later. Until then! (@_@)

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