Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to school

I just got through my first week of school a few days ago. It was great! For those who don't know, I recently changed my major to multimedia graphic design (MGD), everything art and my original passion. ^__^

I was just kidding myself these past two years taking random classes... I know, kind of a waste of time but I won't call it that because nothing educational is a waste. I'd like to call it me finding my true passions in life. So these past two years, I've been taking all these science-based classes trying to get into some kind of medical degree but I really didn't do well. I also had NO plan so I wasn't really aiming for anything. Other than that, I was taking the basic prerequisite classes like college algebra, sociology, psychology, etc.

This semester, I'm taking classes that are actually applied to a plan for me to transfer. Exciting~! >_<
The classes are drawing I., 2-D graphic design, and adobe photoshop I.
They're all very fun and it's so funny because I have the same teacher for both drawing and 2-D graphic design classes. So I'll be seeing her 4 days a week opposed to 2 days a week, lol.
Photoshop was alright; a little intimidating at first because I have to somehow figure out how to operate a MAC computer which I've never used in my entire life except for kindergarden when those things were first coming out. I went in after classes to practice a little bit and it isn't so bad.

That's about it for my school life. Very fun and I'll probably post some of the artwork I make on here if they're nice enough. xD

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