Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Makeup: Eyeshadows

So, here's a few of my eyeshadows. They're all shadow books except for some NYX and MAC shadows that I bought recently. :)
I'll also give my reviews on a few.

And sorry again! The pictures come out super huge so I don't really recommend anyone clicking on them unless you want to see the pictures in super closeup detail. >.<
These are the single NYX eyeshadows I've bought. From left to right, there's: Silver, Frosted Flakes, and Baby Pink.

I don't really recommend you getting any of these shadows because they're so common. The only one that seems to be good in my opinion is the silver which would work great with black matte eyeshadow for a smokey eye look. I've experimented with the silver and other colors but with anything other than black it just seems to make my eyes look washed out. xP

The frosted flakes shadow is alright for a highlight but that's about it. And it's a fairly common color that's really not all that popular, even for a highlight.

The baby pink shadow is nothing special. It's like any other light pink eyeshadow out there. And you REALLY have to pack on the color for it to show. Not worth getting at all.

The MAC eyeshadows from left to right: Shale, Trax, and Creme de Violet
Like any eyeshadow from MAC, they don't disappoint. My favorites are the shale and trax colors. Shale is like a grayish purple and trax is a shiny maroon, nice for shadowing. ^_^

Urban Decay Wallpaper Shadow Box

Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box

I do recommend you clicking on this pic... I checked this one and trust me, it's a REALLY good picture for what the colors look like. @_@

This is my MAC 15 shadow palette. I had to go to the MAC store to get the eyeshadow fillers for this which takes almost an hour to drive to from my house. It kinda sucks so I don't usually go there. I should've filled it up completely the first time I went but I usually want to have planned out what colors I get.
There's so much to choose from with eyeshadows when it comes to MAC. -__-
Colors from left to right top to bottom: Star Violet, Swish, Parfait Amor, Stain Taupe, Ricepaper, Honey Lust, and Stars n' Rockets.

And lastly, this is the sucky Sephora violet eyeshadow palette. If you can see them, almost all the sparkly colors are pretty much useless because the 'sparkles' are these big glitter chunks that fall off so the result is this blah color with no shinyness.
Other than that, this is an okay palette but I mostly got it for the shiny colors which almost all of them suck except for the one on the top, third from the left... that maroonish color.

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