Sunday, May 16, 2010

I found my cameraa!!! lol

Guess what! Just a few days after that post about losing my camera, I actually found it! erm.. well, 'I' didn't technically. Okay, so my sister found it. She was wearing this jacket and it was in the jacket pocket. -.-;
Of course I would never have looked there.

Now I'm all happies because I can finally post the pictures for the newest updates as of now!

Okay, so first, the tulips! More of them survived and bloomed and they are so beautiful-!

Pretty, ne? ^^ The trees were also very lovely that day.

Aside from all the nature pics, I did take a few of the recent paintings that I dug out of my car. Although they are so ugly that I won't be posting them on here. x(
My bad for mentioning but not delivering.

Since I'm not posting those and I'm running out of picture ideas, I'll post pics of some of the stuffs I got from my WA trip and of course, online buys~! ^.^

First off, the WA items!

I bought a ton of magz from Kinokuniya in the Seattle Uwajimaya. There were more than just these three. Around $60 worth. >_>;; Like I said earlier, Japan books=overpriced..
A lot of them were idol magazines because they have the most fun pics, especially with cute guys. x3
I did get a couple that were food magazines. Maybe I'll post them later but I was too lazy to find them in my room and take a picture.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I bought a couple manga. Di[e]ce is one of my favorites. The artwork and storyline is very nice and it has a good shelf life since I can look through them over and over again and it never gets old. I don't read Japanese, I just understand a few sparse phrases here and there so maybe that's a contributing factor. lol I've read the translations online. xP

Aaaaaaaand.. There's that little Rilakuma photobook (I have yet to put stuff in it) and some stationary. These are the few other things that I bought from that Kinokuniya. I blew a lot of money away in there and Daiso.

So for Daiso.. I got some scarves,... cute tissues, small containers... mostly the 100 yen type of stuff. I got this furoshiki thing but I haven't used it yet. Maybe I should tie it into a bag and leave it that way since I'm obviously slacking on the bento box thing. [I'll post pics later, maybe]

OKAY! Now for the online buys. It's not much but these things were soooooooooooooo worth it!

The Sketch Note was from Morning Glory online and the Copic Multiliner was from ebay. They are both awesomeness. I just love the sketchbook cover design. Sky themes must be my thing?
Here's a few of my sketches:

Zach Fair, FFVII Crisis Core: Kinda crappy but I'm still practicing on my realism! lol, You know how it is with art; you just have to keep working on it and eventually, it comes through. ^_^

Drawn shortly after watching Alice in Wonderland (not such a great movie though. sry....)

Sketch of Lady-kins

Some lady I made up while thinking about Final Fantasy hehe.

Dude with yatcha inspired hair. I love her manga colorings so I tried to imitate it. I'll probably experiment with other manga artists in the future but for now, I really like her straightfoward and extremely effective coloring technique.

All the colored drawings were done in colored pencil btw and Zach Fair was created with charcoal pencils. ^w~

So anyway, I did organize my closet recently. I bought this fold out hanging shelf thingy and stuck it in my closet to sort out the scarves.

I tried making a makeup brush holder too for... more effectiveness in drying brushes. Basically, I was trying to figure out how to hang them upside down. This is what I came up with so far,

lol, don't laugh. Lots of people are using this 'hanger' design. xD
Last but not least, for another online buy, this was about a couple months ago but whatever. They're Morning Glory stationary that I bought online since we don't have a store around that sells this stuff. I'm a fan of snail mail once in a while so of course I have to have nice stationary.

That's it for tonight! ^.~ 'night loves!

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