Saturday, June 11, 2011

After 3 years, another international trip!

My last trip out of the country, I believe, was to Japan in 2008. I was greatly blessed to be able to go to Osaka, Nara, Kobe, and Kyoto. It was a very fun and enlightening trip and I was so happy to be able to experience the Japanese culture in so many different cities on one trip. (^^)

On this next escapade, we'll be going to be to Singapore!!! It's so amazing because this is going to be the farthest destination I'll ever be traveling in my life! (*o*)

Once we get back, if you think the adventure is over, you're wrong. There's a brand-new one waiting for us when we get back; We'll be adopting the new doggie at the end of June. I've given him a new name, Duo Maxwell 'Scruffles' (my homage to Gundam Wing). xD The name is somewhat close to his old name so I think he'll catch on. We've given our own doggie only a million nicknames which she goes by so I think it'll work for him. ;P I feel like giving him a new name is appropriate because he's jumping into a completely new life. Might as well give him a fresh start with a new name.

I feel very grateful and appreciative to the fact that I have this opportunity to even travel. I know it's really expensive and not everyone has the money and/or time to do it.

I'll hopefully be able to recharge my camera so I can take some vlogs and pictures of this beautiful country. I hear that Singapore is one of the cleanest places in the world. Mom keeps telling my that chewing gum is against the law there so I can't bring gum, lol. That's okay though since I'm not much of a gum chewer anyway. I like my hard candy. (^.^)

Thank you so much mom and dad for giving me this opportunity to travel to another country~! (^w^)

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