Saturday, June 4, 2011

New family member

So about... last, last Thursday, mom and I went to visit her co-worker's house because we were going to meet his dogs. He lives in an apartment because their family had to downsize. The dogs are stuck in the hot garage all day while the family is out (which is most of the time). It's a sad life, especially for two mid-aged Jack Russell Terriers.

Jack Russell Terriers are a breed that need a lot of exercise and stimulation for their brains. If they don't get that, they can be destructive in the house and get "doggie dementia" as my mom likes to call it. (x_x)

We ended up spending the afternoon with these dogs, first taking them for a walk and then to our house to see how they would interact with our own dog.

It turned out that one of the Jack Russell's got along with our babycakes and she even tolerated him in the house!
When we took the dogs back to their original owners, mom told the guy that we would take one of the dogs by the end of June if no one else adopts him. I predicted that they probably weren't even going to look for anyone else because honestly, not to be overconfident and obnoxious, but we are true dog lovers and put the dogs first before many things. I think that shows to others who truly love their dogs. They want the best for their dogs and maybe we give off that positive and caring aura. In the end, my prediction was accurate and the guy gave us a call about a week later, telling us that their family wanted us to have their dog. They had a lot of other people wanting to adopt their dogs but they didn't feel comfortable with any of them. I can sort of understand how they feel because they only want the best for their dogs and wish to give them a home where they can be properly loved and cared for. We seemed to be trustworthy people who truly care for animals so of course they'd want to entrust their dog to us.

I was honestly having some severe anxieties about a few days after visiting those dogs because I was starting to realize the huge commitment and challenge we were undertaking, especially with the fact that we don't know how our own dog would react after a long period of time. But a person really can't hold onto their anxieties forever and after a few days, I stabilized. ^w-

I'm a bit more accepting of the fact that we will be adopting one of the dogs. I just hope for the best and if it doesn't turn out the way we want it to, that just tells us that we have to try harder until we get it right.

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