Saturday, June 4, 2011

"What BAD timing" moments in K-dramas

We've all seen these. There's that one scene where the girl is walking away from her so-called enemy's apartment and about to drive home when guess who pulls in? Yes, it's her enemy, but she also has the girl's love interest in tow. Freakin' awkward sh*tty situation but of course, the universe loves to time everything just perfectly right up to the part when you're just about to get into your car when guess who arrives at the scene?

I know that K-dramas always love to play out these ridiculously outlandish scenarios that would only remotely happen in reality if it happens at all. But according to my own experiences, these "bad timing" situations actually do happen quite often in real life. (o.O)

For example, I've had quite a few times where I would be leaving a certain setting because I didn't want to encounter a certain somebody but right before I can get into my car, a certain somebody shows up right on time, like clockwork! And in that moment, I'm thinking, "Damn! What crap timing!"

There's even some situations (not necessarily bad) where it just happens so much that I just predict it happening. There was this one time that my mom and I were going to meet these two doggies at her co-workers house. We pull up into the apartment complex and park next to these two teens getting out of their car. Mom loudly asks the boy if visitors could park. Now in that moment, I thought, "I'll bet that these two teens are her co-worker's kids..." And oh happy day! After searching for a good 10 minutes for the apartment, we finally find it and guess who? The two kids were actually his children. I gotta say, I'm getting pretty good with my predictions. (>w<)

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