Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giving L-O-V-E

We brought back Maxwell Scruffles (I renamed him that as it's close enough to his real name) about a week ago. It was a pretty crazy day actually.

The farewell wasn't too dramatic because it was just the father who was at home while the rest of the family was out. I think it may have been more sad for little Maxwell because that was probably the last time he'd see his brother... (;_;) He was very calm in the car. Sometimes I wonder how he feels because he accepts his fate so easily. When we got back, we re-introduced the two doggies in the backyard and Lady was accepting of him yet again. He was also well behaved. Maxwell was the more mellow of the two dogs as his brother didn't like Lady.

So we got home, and only an hour later, my dad and sis arrive from their road trip. So yeah, C-R-A-Z-Y family reunion~! We spent a lot of time just getting everyone settled down, including Maxwell, and unpacking. For some reason, he doesn't like men so he was barking at my dad and he barked at my sis too. Maybe it's because the whole situation contained too many changes for him.

He warmed up to my sis very quickly and a few days later, to my dad as well. Maxwell is still wary of my bro, most likely because my brother is hardly ever around, being either at work or playing video games in his room.. But he's stopped barking and growling at him so that's a good sign (^_~).

At first, I really wondered if I could love Maxwell as much as my own dog. I was so anxious and worried about if they would fight or if one would get jealous and resentful of the other. Of course in the end, my worries proved to be almost meaningless.

He sits like this often and it's so funny looking. xD

Over time, I'm growing to love little Maxwell more and more and I'm even appreciating and loving my own dog more. It's like, instead of thinking in the way that it's double the work with two dogs, it's more like double the love! ("^o^")

They're both so cute together. They walk, eat, and even sleep well together. I don't get the vibes that they're jealous of each other at all. In fact, I'm even giving my own dog more attention than before. I can take one for a walk and not feel bad about the other being at home because there's someone else in the family to take care of him/her. And if I get back home with one of the doggies, they greet each other. Cute, yeah? \(^.^)/

I love them both so much and I feel like my heart has gotten bigger because I'm actually starting to love another dog as much as my own. It's a very nice feeling because I feel like I'm a better person to truly open my heart to another dog.

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