Monday, March 19, 2012

Ouran High School Host Club Review: So wonderful but too short-lived!

Yeh, yeh, I know. I have no life right now to have time for all these dramas. xP
The amount of dramas I watch come in waves. Now happens to be peak drama season for me. (*__*)

This is one of those dramas where I thought it would be really stupid but then it blows me away by it's awesomeness. I finished it in less than two weeks too! Record time for a drama series although this series was also a short one.... so sad, it was really great!

I remember watching the anime for this show way back when but I don't think I got to the end. Anyway, from what I've seen, the characters were chosen VERY nicely. I don't even care if Tamaki's and Honey senpai's hair isn't blonde as that seems to be a pet peeve for a lot of hardcore fans. Whatever, I think they did an excellent job with their characters.

But the one and only person who I thought was so so sooooo PERFECT for his role was the actor Daito Shunsuke who played Kyouya. He is the GOD of sexy megane shounen (AKA: glasses boys)! It's like the anime version of Kyouya jumped out of the TV and entered reality. (o_o)


They're the SAME!!!! lol

Warning: Some Daito Shunsuke spam below...

It's a bit scary how much of a difference glasses can make to a guy's sexiness level.

Agreed. :D

What do you think, glasses on or off? I say on! Daito is cute without the glasses but is so much sexier WITH!!!

Second favorite character lineup, Tamakiiiiiiiiii!!! I feel that Yamamoto Yusuke did such a superb performance with Tamaki's crazy character. Tamaki is very hyper and full of energy. I think Yamamoto-san executed this in the best possible way. I can't think of anyone better right now.

CGI was used in this drama but opposed to the Skip Beat drama, the CGI in Ouran High School Host Club was done in a much more tasteful and appropriate manner. Tamaki is shown growing mushrooms in the closet, lmao.

Beautifully executed costume scene among many others.

Character chart. The whole cast was amazing imo. No complaints here!

My two favorite characters! They look good together (not in the way you think! I swear I'm not being a yaoi fangirl right now xD)!

I found this pic so funny because even before I read the description, I thought the exact same thing! XDXDXDXD

I was so sad that this show was only a mere 11 episodes that were only 30min each! That was previously unheard of to me as all the dramas I've watched last at least 1hr. I guess they must've been on a tight budget. There was quite a bit of CGI used and the settings were fairly elaborate with the rich kid school... I wish there was moreeeeeeee!

I'll miss you Ouran High School Host Club!!!! You were a really fun drama to watch-! (ToT)
This was a short series but amazing in their ability to portray the story and memorable quirky characters!

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