Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just finished watching my first period drama: The Moon that Embraces the Sun!

This was one of the 'popular' dramas I saw on mysoju. I never really got into a period/historical drama before and since everyone was raving about "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" being so amazing, I decided to give it a shot. Of course, I get addicted from the start, lol. This drama is clever too because I usually start to lose interest from the mid to ending part of the drama but this one kept me hooked until the end. They've got some pretty nice cliffhangers for each of the episodes.

The story is one of those that starts off with the characters as children and then they transition over to adulthood. The beginning is shown to be tragic but there is redemption at the end. Cool story, likeable characters, colorful costume designs, and beautiful historic scenery; mostly of the palace and villages.

The synopsis is somewhat complicated so it would probably be better to just look at it on dramawiki. In my short summary, I say that this is about a girl who falls in love with the crown prince and is almost appointed to be the queen but evil conspirators in the palace work to tear the two apart using dark magic of shamans. Then the crown princess somehow becomes a shaman, yada yada yada... Of course they get back together in the end but only after many sacrifices, heartache, drama..., etc. :D

All the characters, IMO, did a great job and even the child actors were very talented. I even felt a bit sad after they changed to the older actors which I usually don't. Their performance added a lot of magic and bittersweet happiness to the show especially as they were around during brighter times before the dark undertone started taking effect of the story.

These two were so cute together!

Awwwww, I'm gonna miss all these guys! (;__;)

So after watching an actual historic Korean drama, I feel that this type of drama is soooo much more intense! The dramatic scenes and the incentives and motivations of characters are a lot more complicated with the ginormous social etiquette and hierarchy system that was so common in the Joseon era.

Remember I mentioned that the side characters were really likeable? As a result, I found myself more drawn to the side characters stories instead of the main characters' story.

My fav side character was Un, the sexy bodyguard. lol

Who would've thought that this sexy beast was also the 'a-hole' in 2NE1's music video "Go Away?!!!!!!!!!!!"
This makes me totally believe the saying if someone is ugly on the inside, no matter how attractive they are, it will make them look ugly on the outside as well. (o_O) But anyway, Un is oh so handsome in this drama~! *internal scream*

I always seem to fall for the quiet, mysterious warrior guys when it comes to fantasy/historical shows. There's just something really special about them. (''^___^'')

With me being me, I like to think up and try to predict different 'possible' scenarios for all the characters and I was SO convinced that Un and Seol (who were both the warrior types), would end up together! I was waiting and waiting for a possible romance to pop up between those two but it never did... In all honesty I was quite surprised because it just looked so convincing and there were these little hints here and there... Well, if you ever watch this, you'll know what I mean. I guess the writers could have changed their minds towards the end because Seol started to do a 360 in her actions and seemed to be interested in someone else (I won't say who) but I still had hope for UnxSeol........

So, yeah, I finally finished this bad boy and got over all the super drama with the wrap-ups of characters and it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders to be honest. Yes, the drama is THAT heavy. (>.<);;

I haven't seen too many historical dramas but as of now, I feel that I'm not all that interested in the complexity of Joseon's social hierarchy system and more interested in the life of historic Korea outside of the palace. Like with all the warriors and stuff. xD (omg, back to the warriors again?! lol)

I have "Iljimae" sitting on the side so I might try watching that one since it seems like there's less palace life and more action/adventure outside palace walls with the whole 'Robin Hood' theme. (^^)

"The Moon that Embraces the Sun" was very good but it made a bit tired with all the social politics and hierarchy system drama so I don't think I'll be watching a period drama similar to this one for a while. That's some crazy shit the people in the Joseon era had to deal with!

Oh and lastly, I just want to mention that the music in this drama is AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL!!! You can always tell how much impact the music has if you can remember the tunes after watching it. Now everytime I see pictures of certain scenes of this drama, I think about the little tune that was playing in the background. x3

I feel this composition is the most memorable or just represents the drama series as a whole...

... while this tune is the more magical and lighthearted and less dramatic version of the composition above.

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