Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review on Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream

As promised, here is my review of the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream-! ( "^ o ^" )

I was introduced to this BB cream by Etude House themselves.  I stopped by their store in the Namdaemun district of Korea while on vacation and they gave me a sample of this with my purchase. I was quite intrigued by the the SPF qualities this product had and decided to purchase it online.

I also want to say that I just L-O-V-E samples because they're so fun to try out!  They can also make some serious sales if the person happens to like it.  I admit to being given certain samples with my purchases and ending up buying the sampled product because I ended up loving it so much.  
( ^.^ )

This BB cream is different from many others because it comes with a sponge applicator; The sponge is attached to the opening of the makeup tube.  It is removable as you can see.

This is what the makeup tube opening looks like with the sponge removed.  Personally, I like to keep the sponge off because it feels stiff and it makes the quite the unpleasant makeup application.  I also feel it's more sanitary this way.  

For blending, I prefer to use my trusty Beauty Blender (pictured below)...

... mostly because it's softer and has dual sides suited to different areas of my face such as under my eyes.

Back to the Etude House Sun BB Cream, you can also remove the sponge from whatever plastic base it was on.  The sponge being washable is definitely a plus for me, even though I prefer not to use it.  Maybe it softens over time?

There might be a lot of people like me out there who can't get an idea of exactly HOW MUCH product you'll get with 35g.  So I put my Nintendo DS Lite next to the BB cream to give an idea of how large the bottle is.  ;)

Here is a swab of the product.  I chose the color Natural Beige (W13) and it works fairly well for me.  My skin is maybe a soft ochre color.

I feel that the main selling point of this BB cream is its SPF properties.  It has SPF 50+  (I'm honestly not sure what 50+ means...  Perhaps a little more than SPF 50?... lol) and it also has PA+++ which means that while the SPF factor protects against the UVB aka 'burn damaging' rays, the PA+++ factor ALSO protects you from UVA rays that cause 'long term' sun damage.  With that said, it's pretty damn awesome for a sun protecting makeup foundation.

Now the main question is, does it get oily or cakey?  If so, after how many hours?

I used this product maybe a couple times when I planned to take a long walk out in the sun during midday and it has worked fairly well.  What I DID notice was that my skin started to look oily faster than if I were to use the Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Function BB cream.



The best~!

I've tried methods such as putting on a translucent powder after application but I still feel as if my skin starts to look oilier faster than if I were to use my favorite BB cream (above).

But as a whole, I believe the Etude House Sun BB cream deserves credit because I've tried a lot of other SPF makeup foundations and the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream proves to be superior to all of them in terms of holding its own against the perils of facial oils and cakey-ness and giving the skin a natural healthy finish.

Usually, SPF infused makeup products initially make the face look shiny and oily because of the SPF properties.  The Etude House BB cream seems to keep that in check as I didn't notice my face looking too oily after initial application.   

I have tried using the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream on its own without any translucent powder, compact foundation, or primer and it holds up well.  It will get oily around the T-zone of the face if you have oily skin but besides that, it's a great BB cream to use if you plan to spend a considerable time outdoors and need the SPF.

My skin is moderately oily so my T-zone is generally affected after maybe a few hours.  Because my skin is the way it is, I go by the general rule that less is more when applying any kind of foundation to my face.  I just bring a paper towel or blotting paper and dab at the foundation when needed.  If I don't want to bother with that, I might apply less of the BB cream to my T-zone and that works great too.

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