Friday, June 18, 2010

WA: 3rd Day

So today I got up, and went to Walmart with dad because I had to get that camera returned. It took a while at customer service so I ended up just going down to the photo department myself and returning the blasted thing. The people at the Walmart customer service were trying to get someone from the photo department to come up front to customer service to check the camera and after 15 minutes, I just told them that I could go back there myself and get the deed done.

I did so and then I got a different camera, WITH, a lithion battery. It's a Sony cybershot and I hope that it doesn't let me down because it cost me a good $200.

Before dropping us off back home, we stopped by at QFC and bought some food to last us the night. I got a turkey sandwich and my sister got some flatbread, bourgin cheese, and this TV dinner thing that was mashed p0tatoes, a chicken patty, and corn. Pretty disgusting in my opinion..

Dad dropped us off back home and I sort of just hung out during that time. I believe that this was the day that me and my sister organized her clothing that was a mess in the living room and put all that shit in the closet.

Once we got that done, I cooked some rice and made salad so that I could eat that with curry and rice. Dad has this big container of beef curry in his fridge and I thought it would be a good idea to start eating that up.

For this day, my sister and I really just stayed at home, cleaned, and cooked. xP

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