Friday, June 18, 2010

WA: 4th Day

Today seemed to be a rather relaxing day. I got up early because yesterday, Karyn and I found out that the ceiling in the kitchen was leaking and the plumber was going to be coming in at 10am and briefly turning off the water in the house.

We headed out to Northgate Shopping Mall because I suggested it. It's a nice, quaint mall with a lot of nice clothing stores and such. I didn't really get to explore it much because of our limited time before my dad went to work so I stopped in a Payless shoes and bought a pair of heels for $9 from their sale. The saleslady was really open and nice. ^^

Sadly, because of all my time spend looking at one of my fav things (shoes), I didn't get to check out the food court. T.T

My sis and dad were sort of waiting for a while for me to get finished I think so after buying the shoes, we left for lunch.

We had lunch at the Phoenix restaurant which is a Vietnamese restaurant and they have some mean phu. It was so good! I have to say that the taste there is even better than our beloved phu duy in our hometown.. Although there was less tofu in compared to Phu Duy's tofu phu.
Sister ordered egg rolls and those were delicious as well. She had this shish kabob thing with fatty steak and I suppose she enjoyed it. It had a nice taste but I could tell that it was so fatty.
My dad had the steak phu and so his soup was a darker brown color.

After lunch, we headed back to the house and my dad went to work. My sis and I were camera whores for a little while and then we walked to a nearby QFC and bought her ingredients to make this really cheesy dish with tater tots. To me, it seems more like a chip dip than an actual meal..
She enjoyed it though and had her heart set on making this dish for a while. I finally put that to rest. It was an enjoyable walk to the store too so we got to talk and strengthen our sisterly bond. ^^

Sis cooked the tater tot dish when we got back and we were basically just couch potatoes for the rest of the day. I really didn't feel like catching a bus again and tomorrow, dad was telling us that we might go to either and outlet mall or Port Angeles so I'm really excited.

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