Sunday, November 14, 2010

Games update: Final Fantasy XIII

I can't believe it but I actually got the opportunity to play FFXIII~! I don't even have a PS3 or XBox but my bro was nice enough to let me borrow his and his friend had the game so he let me borrow that. Awesome points to both of them!

I finished this game a while back, probably in June or July 2010. So sorry that I didn't make a post after that.. I guess the summer laziness got to me. xP

The game, I must say was absolutely beautiful. The graphics, story, music, and everything was truly lovely and I really enjoyed playing it. The battle mode was also very quick and ran smoothly.

A lot of people say this game is boring which, I would say is true to a certain extent. Although the story and everything about the game is gorgeous, it drags on for a long time and the plot is highly linear. When I say linear, I mean that there are no side quests and the story just plows straight ahead. There aren't that many supporting characters with backgrounds aside from the main ones so maybe that's what makes it so tiring and even boring. It's good to have tension in a story and anticipation but if the story is offering what's next so quickly without any time to create tension, that's what makes it boring.

I thought that one thing cool about this game was that the main character was a strong female lead. That in itself was pretty awesome. Go feminism! lol

Lightning is the first playable character and obviously one of the main protagonists. The creators said that she's supposed to be like the female version of Cloud from FFVII. I think they did that justice. She is a badass afterall and probably the girl-crush of tons of chicks around the world. That makes sense to me because she does have a very masculine air about her.

The story begins with people on a train in an event called "The Purge" and the people on there are being evacuated from the floating continent called Cocoon. Lightning is with this dude Sazh and he's sort of tagging along with her for his own reasons. The plot follows the points of views from each of the main characters on their journey to complete their 'focus' before they run out of time and turn into beings called 'Seith' which are monsters. I won't say any more or I'll spoil the story. Final Fantasy always likes to keep us confused and reveal things slowly.

You meet a few memorable douches along the way... Note, the guy above. He was probably the douchiest of them all. Even more than the old bastard pictured below:


In the end, it's a pretty cool game. But be prepared for a good 45+ hours to finish this bad boy. It's long as hell.

The pic right above is two of the FFXIII games. Although there is a Final Fantasy XIII, there are three versions of it (Agito isn't included in the pic). I really wanna play the one with Noctis (the silver haired dude). It looks really interesting in a more serious version of Kingdom Hearts kind of way. It's funny too because I'm soo into K-pop and stuffs so when I saw Noctis, I thought about how he resembles Eli from U Kiss in certain pics. lmao

They look really similar in these pics right? I mean, just imagine Eli with the exact same hair and same colored eyes. He'd make an awesome cosplay. xDDD

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