Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disney's Tangled: Beautiful, Engaging, and Magical

I saw the Tangled movie this past Thanksgiving with my sister. I usually don't like to pay full price for AMC movies but I gotta say, this is one of the best $21 I've ever spent on a theatrical movie. Even my sis, who isn't much of a critic, said that this was wayyyy better than the last 2D Disney flick, The Princess and the Frog. She said that she felt the magic with Tangled but not with the other movie. I think so too.
I honestly wasn't expecting much from Tangled, just because a lot of the animations that have been coming out lately weren't so great. The trailer also had all this crappy music paired with it so I was like, okaaaay, is this going to be like one of THOSE movies?

But this was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The 3D animation was absolutely gorgeous and a real treat to watch. The story was also funny and moving, with endearing characters. There was none of that mainstream shitty music. The songs in the movie were original with the characters singing and beautiful orchestrated music. This is probably my favorite Disney movie as of now.

This movie is a twist on the story of Rapunzel but it was a really awesome improv by Disney. The story was so interesting and kept me watching throughout the entire thing. And the main characters balanced each other out extremely well. Usually either the guy or the girl takes the center stage but they were both pretty equal in that respect.

Flynn is so hot! I was like, sexy Disney character? And he's MEANING to be? wtf!! So sexay!!!! XDDDD

The horse, Maximus and the chameleon, Pascal, didn't talk at all but they had such presence!

The setting of the movie was extremely gorgeous. It makes me wish that I had a cool fresh green forest like that near my house. ^^

I won't say much more or else I'll spoil the movie. It was just amazing all around. Very well rounded and well deserving of being the 50th animated movie from Disney Studios.

I think I'll probably even buy the DVD when it comes out. The movie is THAT enjoyable to watch.

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