Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ZOMG, Five whole months without a post?!!!

Hey, I'm back again. It's been so long and so much has happened since June.

It's crazy. To start off, I changed my major around September time.. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah... -___-;;
Awkward to admit now seeing my previous posts about how I was so much more enthusiastic about the whole art/media design thing.

I finally got myself into uni and yet it's so much different than what I imagined. So cliche right? It's sad, but I've learned to accept my mistakes, learn from them, and move on. It's the only way to live without drowning in regret.

I think I was doing alright in the beginning but then I get a nervous breakdown (a story for another time) and then in another class, I'm having issues with having the right program and my grades suffering just because of a program version. In the end, I drop that particular class and everything just snowballed from there.

Over this short period of time, I'm surprised at how much I learned about myself and my truest, personal values. I think that this is something that probably can't be taught and has to be learned through experience. It's a very precious thing to know one's values. I feel sad at times at how little I knew myself for these past years; but then again, I'm happy that I've found a bit more about myself this early in my life. There are probably worse cases in the world.

We're all working on film in class right now and it's so not my thing... But! I have to get through this. It will only make me stronger in the future I guess. I seriously do NOT want to think about another group project though, especially a group project working on a film.. Maybe I won't even have a chance to get a partner and then I can ask the teacher if I can work on my own. I have a group project right now for another class and although I am fortunate with having such great group members, I still prefer to work solo on these types of things. There is so much coordination involved, I wonder how directors do it.

Putting all the art stuff aside, based on my new found personal values, I've decided to get back in the medical field and work to help people in that way. I think that I might get more self satisfaction out of something like that. And it helps that I have a fairly extensive biology background in school. I also like my free time so it's nice in the sense where the work won't be "coming home with me." I've found that having deadline pressures is not the way I want to live my life.

So, that's all that's happened with school. Changed major and sticking it out for the rest of the semester. I wish myself luck towards the end because I will need all that I can get.

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