Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Korean dramas (how do I still have time for these?): You're Beautiful K-Drama Review

This drama, called "You're Beautiful," is one of the most recent that I've watched through and finished. It was a little boring in the beginning but if you get through that episode or two, it gets really interesting and fun.

I think that the actors were chosen well, it seems funny to me because it has the typical archetypes of characters. Like the quiet, serious guy who never seems to get the girl, the happy-go-lucky naive guy, and the main dude who is kind of an ass yet funny and eventually gets the girl. I was a little surprised at how long it took the main guy to change his attitude though. He did have some slight character changes but it could have been more. The main girl was P-R-E-T-T-Y over-the-top naive so it made me sort of annoyed at her for the most part.

Here's the main dude. I thought this scene captured his "true" self. lmao

The story is about this nun chick who has a twin bro. He is overseas going through some kind of cosmetic surgery rehabilitation so his manager cons the girl into disguising herself as a dude so that she can join a band in her brother's place. So ya, the typical gender-bender drama. I've seen a few before like Hana Kimi but it wasn't as good as this.

Sexy beast.

It's really funny, especially with the main dude who actually has a quirk; he's a germaphobe. lol He's pretty hot in this drama. I didn't think I'd care for him with his super emo hair.

The only peeve I had with this drama is the fact that the lead girl can be so LAME! I mean, she did the stupidest things that make me think, really? Are you seriously that dumb!? It made me sad for the actress who had to play someone who had almost no common sense. I mean, I know there are the 'naive girl' AKA 'stupid girl' characters in dramas, the most notable being Ariel Lin in 'It Started with a Kiss' but she was known for being stupid from the very beginning. I actually had some respect for Park Shin Hye before she started to act like she got brain damage after moving into those guys' apartment. (-__-) Sorry if I sound harsh but she seriously got into some of the most stupid situations and she acted like she had no backbone most of the time. She did toughen up at the end but by that time, I was like, meh.

Before this drama, I was watching Cinderella's Sister and somehow, enjoying it (it's fairly dramatic and I'm usually not into that). I think I just liked how the heroine was so strong but also had weaknesses that she tries to hide. Then there' s her stepsister who is sort of like a foil to her character. Very fun to watch but I still haven't gotten to the end yet. I started watching Goong. Woot! They finally posted it up again! It's been so long but for whatever reason, the copywriters liked to attack that particular drama. I'm trying to get through it quickly just in case the vids get taken off again for god knows how long... D:
That's been stalling my finishing up with the Cinderella Sister drama. I've almost finished watching it but then I got into Goong. lol

There's actually sooo many interesting looking dramas coming out right now. It's fun going on mysoju and checking out what's new. Thankyuuu so much mysoju! Don't know what I'd do on boring nights without you!!!

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