Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cake Pops!

I'm finally finished with this semester of school!!! So excited!

I made cake pops with my mom last night and it was pretty fun but somewhat hard work with the chocolate dipping. -.-
We had to keep re filling the chocolate dip supply and reheating it. That stuff cools off fast after dipping! (I know, big deal right? But mind you, we were doing this at like 11 at night and I was up since 6.)

Lots of work but it was fun because it was like working in a candy shop making pretty chocolates. ^^
At the very end, we would glaze contrasting colored chocolate over the cake pops so they looked just like the chocolate factory sweets!

And, funny thing is, I came to work today and my manager showed me this huge box of See's chocolates and said someone left it for us so we can all eat it. O_O
They're gonna make me so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...

I'm planning on bringing in some cake pops for my co workers since they are so SWEET, not even our own family could eat them all. I probably could eat only one in a day. Kills off your sugar fix in an instant.

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