Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Yogurt Place-!!! ^__^

I am so happy right now. Today I got to go to The Red Mango with my mom that recently opened up closer to where we live. Their yogurt is so yummy and I feel so fortunate that we have one that's in a much more convenient location. All the other yogurt places that we would go to in the past were way off somewhere in another city and it really sucked having to drive so far just to get a nice cup of frozen yogurt. So we wouldn't get frozen yogurt that often... T^T

But now, we can go as often as we want without feeling the dread of a long drive and fearing traffic on the way home. ^__________________^

The yogurt and toppings there are self-served so it's pretty cool. Although the yogurt machine takes a bit of getting used to. The yogurt comes out fairly slowly.

Their original and pomegranate yogurt, I think, are their killer flavors. Those are both soooo good and perfect. One is sweet/tangy and the other is sweet but with a very slight tang to it. There were a lot of other flavors too like Blueberry, Apricot, and Banana. I didn't really want to try those but I did try: Original, Pomegranate, Vanilla, Coconut, and Pumpkin (o.O). I know, PUMPKIN?! I thought it was a pretty weird flavor to have but my mom tried it and gave me some so I ended up tasting. It was actually not that bad but I personally don't care for pumpkin as a yogurt flavor. All the other yogurts I tasted were quite good but the Original and Pomegranate were definitely the best. :D

Yessssss! Pomegranate!!!  \( "^ o ^" )/  If your Red Mango has only self-served, maybe one day you can make your yogurt look this good (once you master the yogurt machine) lol. Mine didn't look even close to this pretty. lmao It was so yummy though! ^x^

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