Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eating out a lot & a tiny bit of stupid drama

My face was soooo puffy today... xD
I really shouldn't have drank that miso soup last night...

I usually update my instagram a lot when it concerns food so if anyone bothered looking on there, they would know that we had take-out Japanese bento boxes yesterday.  ^^  And they gave us a LOT of miso soup (3 containers that held about 2 1/2 cups each)!  I couldn't help it... the soup was soooo good and I ended up drinking a whole container. ( ~ . ~ )

Speaking of instagram, does anyone else have this experience of following a friend/family on instagram and for so long, they never notice your existence and when you for whatever reason, un-follow them, then they take notice and follow you back?  Seriously... wth?  Coincidence much?  Do they like me more now that I'm playing hard to get?   tuzki11  I'll never understand.

**And update!  So this cousin of mine follows, then un-follows in the same day.  Initially, I don't know what to think.  This is slightly more 'personal' since it involves family.  I guess I get somewhat annoyed, generally speaking, when people follow others and then 'seem to' expect the other person to follow back while if they don't, they un-follow them.

Imho, I follow people because I like their pictures and maybe they might be a family or friend which is kind of in a whole different category.  She's like a cousin but I haven't seen her in years.  Thing is, I find it super strange that once I decided to un-follow her after being one of her followers for a good year (and just a FYI, I decided to un-follow because she mostly posted pics of her and her friends whom I've never met so yeah, feeling stalker-ish here..) only then she decides to follow my page and yet she un-follows within the same day.  It's kind of insulting in a way but whatevs.  I feel like, "what do you take me for?  I've been following you for a whole year and I even followed another cousin (who's really close with her and I haven't seen in years as well) and she followed me back right away!"  If anyone else has opinions about this, I'd love to hear it!

Btw, sorry, for this stupid instagram drama interlude but frick! I just get so annoyed with people that do the whole, I'll follow you if you follow me bullsh*t.  I like to go by, "Follow me if you like what what I post.  If I like what you're doing, I'll follow back.  Simple."**

Okies!  Back to the main topic!!!

Besides Japanese food, today we went to this diner and had some old school American food.  Burgers and fries.  It was really delicious and the burgers weren't heavy or greasy.  The bun of the burger had a slight crispiness to it and the veggies were very fresh.  I would rate the burger a 9/10 (one of the best I've ever had) and the fries an 8.5/10.

To think that we're eating out so much after I was successful in two days of home cooked meals...  It's too bad because I sort of like being the one to cook the dinners.  Then again, I tend to run out of ideas and inspiration for what to cook.  I should just go by my list of lunch/dinner options.

The first dish was a dinner curry from a packet my sis brought back from Japan.  It turned out a lot more like the anime versions with a darker color and liquidy consistency; maybe I don't have to get hayashi rice mix afterall! image  I got creative with it and finally made my first curry bear (pic is on instagram).

The second meal was spaghetti.

 Special pimped out foodporn edition.

Btw, angel hair pasta works so well for this!

I realize so much more that cooking food is a lot cheaper than going out to eat.  After two days of home cooking, I could get a rough estimate of how much it costs to make a hearty meal for roughly 4-6 people.  From what I bought for curry and spaghetti, a person can get away with spending $20 or less to make a nutritious, home cooked meal.  Compare that to the $30-50+ lunches and dinners out to a restaurant.  The only way a person can get around that is to resort to fast food.

Right now I'm sitting in my room and staying out of the super hot sun.  It's afternoon time so u know, I want to avoid the premature wrinklies.  This hot weather has been sucking so much lately and it's the gross kind of hot weather where there's no wind and the sky is full of smog without any clouds.  Just hurry up and get snowy already!  image

*For continuity's sake, I just got back to this post after being away until evening.*

I woke up early this morning to go to volunteer work but I'll save that for another post, mostly since it seems really off topic at this point.  xD

Before I forget, I got the chance to experiment with a Japanese food creation set (sry, I don't know what else to call it).  Sis brought one of these babies back from Tokyo.

It's this panda pancake thing. It reads "Oekaki panda yaki"

The results

It's a miracle we didn't screw this up! lol

The instructions were in Japanese but somehow we figured it out.  The taste wasn't all that great but it was edible.  A good description would be like a Chinese bread bun but ever so slightly sweeter.

It cooked amazingly fast in the microwave.  It must have been under a minute.....

I swear I must have posted a pic containing this exact magazine somewhere in my blog history...  My bad if it's a repeat!  xP

I'm currently trying to draw some ray of inspiration from these Japanese food magazines I picked up in Seattle while my dad was still living there.  I'm so glad I did because even now, years later, they haven't gotten old and still inspire me to cook.  The food pictures are very beautiful and pristine. image I'm always in awe.

I'm still staying up past midnight, even though I have to wake up early in the mornings.  Somehow this comes natural to me....  Wth, I even woke up super early today!  Shouldn't I be tired by now? tuzki41

Scruffs is sleeping in my spot so I'll have to push him over.  Sorry dude, but I got a single bed mattress and a girl's gotta sleep.  xD

Not a pic from today but I think he looks kind of like a corgi with his ears flipped up.  x3

I'll probably watch a few more episodes of Big Bang Theory and go to bed.  Btw, I'm almost finished with the anime series K Project so hopefully I won't be a lazy *ss  and make a mini review for that soon!

Goodnight world!  tuzki46


LoveChloe said...

wow soo cool!! Your panda pancake IS SOO CUTE! and it looks soo yummy and fluffy! btw your dog is soo cute haha

MiNapi said...

@LoveChloe, Thank you!!! I'm surprised that the panda actually looks like a panda. It isn't as easy as RRcherrypie makes it look. xD

And thankyuu again! Cute on the outside, chaos on the inside. lol

MayClover said...

The panda cake looks so good :)!

Sakuranko said...

Oh Sweetie I love it your post is so you, I love the food, you make me hungry TvT. Thanks for share your life with us.

Victoria Nguyen said...

yeah the follow then unfollow thing in one day... i would honestly think "hah well forget you too" >.<
Your panda pancake is really really cute... almost too cute to eat!!
Your dog is all adorable haha. I wish my dog stayed still for pictures...the minute i pull out my phone and point it at her she just gets up and runs away! I always have to bait her with a treat to make her stay.