Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TV bum

Hello again! Sorry I've been away for a while. It's most likely because I've caught a bad, bad case of TV-bum-couchpotato syndrome that's been really hard to get rid of... D: I thought I might as well share what's gotten me so addicted. 
The first one I started watching was "The Big Bang Theory."

My coworkers kept on talking about it and so I finally gave in and downloaded the first season. It's quite funny and somehow I can ignore the annoyingly frequent audience laughter.  The idea of nerdy guys living together as a theme was new and refreshing and I appreciate the attempt because these days, the 'jock' just isn't that hot anymore.

On a side note, my brother who is a hardcore gamer and slight nerd doesn't approve of the show nor finds it funny.  He stated it's because, and I quote, "gamers don't talk like that and the audience laughs every few seconds.... don't you find that annoying?"

Whatever, I really like the show and I love the social dynamics between all the characters, especially the ones that involve the neurotic Sheldon.

Another TV series I've started to watch is on Netflix and it's called "New Girl."

This show is about a woman who recently went through a bad breakup and decides to move out right away.  She somehow gets herself into a situation of moving into an apartment with three men who she thought were women by the way their ad was written on craigslist.

I'm still on the fence as to whether I like this show or not.  I have some issues such as:

1.) Realistically, what woman would move into an apartment with three men by herself?!

2.) Does Jess have to be so ridiculously annoying?

3.) Does Nick have to be so mean and in my honest opinion, seemingly waaaaay more douche-bag-ish than the guy who's character is apparently more of a douche, Schmidt?

4.) Why is Jess' model friend Cece, turning out to be more and more of a stereotypical b*tchy and stuck up model?  And she started off so composed, mature, and wholesome...

5.) Why are some of the arguments so crazy dramatic?  Isn't this supposed to be a sitcom?   

You all can be the judge.  I've gotten through about 5 episodes and I admit, they're entertaining enough to keep me watching and I have taken somewhat of a liking to the characters.  If only the writers or actors could tone it down a little with Jess' to-the-point-of-ridiculous silliness and Nick's 'seemingly' mean disposition...  I just hope it gets better because sometimes I feel like this show is straying into the heavier dramatic genre while it's marked as a situation comedy.

My brother is pushing me to watch House of Cards, a Netflix original series.  I'm still unsure, mostly because political dramas really aren't my thing.  He keeps comparing it to Game of Thrones so eh, I dunno.. xP


Victoria Nguyen said...

XD I've also become a couch potato recently since i got hooked on teen wolf and vampire diaries lol!

Rain Chan said...

hi i'm inviting you to join my first international giveaway

MiNapi said...

@Victoria Nguyen, I know, Teen Wolf is mega addicting~! (>.<) It's not the best written piece of work but for whatever reason, I couldn't stop watching it! XD

Which is why I'm staying far away from Vampire Diaries. I'm easily brainwashed, lol.