Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer fashion trends 2013

Hi hi!  I'm back again and as promised, I'll be writing about some fashion trends that I've observed this year.  :3

I'm sorry if this is kind of a let down for readers with the irony of me writing about summer fashion trends at the very end of the summer.  We can all blame it on my procrastinating nature. xD

Oh well, at least we'll be somewhat prepared for next year.  The summer fashion this year was very nice and I have a feeling that there won't be any drastic changes for next year.

There were a lot of different types of clothing brought to light this summer and I'll be talking about each different type and how they appear to be worn.

Disclaimer: All images are from tumblr.

Bandeau & Bustier Tops

Bustier tops

If one doesn't mind showing off a little bit of belly, these tops are super comfy for the summertime.  They're minimal, stylish, and a great way to keep cool.  They can be worn under a sheer tank top, shirt, or alone with a skirt, shorts, or a nice pair of skinny jeans.

 Bustier top paired with a skirt.  It's an interesting mix of sexy and classy with partial waist being exposed.

Girl wearing a lacy bandeau.  The outfit can be spiced up with a matching black hat, accessories, and/or jacket.

Bustier tops with straps have the advantage of extra support.

Bustier top matched with high-waist jeans shorts.  Note: This is a good example of covering up the waist area with a high-waist bottom piece.

Maxi Skirts

So personally, I'm not a big fan of this one, mostly because I'm short.  xP  Besides all of that, maxi skirts have been extremely popular this summer with many different styles and types of fabrics (the sheer maxi skirt appears to prevail because of its airy quality).  I'm sure short people could work the maxi skirt as long as it's well fitted.  It seems like most girls who wore these wore them higher on the waist with a variety of top pieces.

A classic red and black combo.

Combined with a bustier top.

If the maxi skirt is very sheer, one could wear a skirt slip underneath.

Black and white, always inseparable.

Mullet Skirt / Dress

The mullet skirt/dress is a nifty new style that has been showing its face more often, especially this summer.  It's a great design because it gives the wearer the advantage of wearing a short skirt that lengthens the legs while retaining a very classy appearance; the trick is the longer backside of the skirt that safely covers the derriere.  There's also a beautiful flowly effect that some of these skirts/dresses can give, depending on how well the skirt transitions from long to short.

This can be worn like any other skirt but it seems to work best with a heeled shoe, possibly because of its highly classy appearance and the way it attempts to lengthen the legs.  In order to retain continuity, heeled shoes generally look best when paired with it.

Mullet dress

Mullet skirt paired with a beige tank and belt accessory.

High-Waist Shorts & Skirts

This is a phenomenon that I've been noticing a lot these days, at least for shorts and skirts.  Girls seem to be wearing them higher on the waist.  This trend is probably making a comeback from some distant time period from the past since it seems so familiar and simple.  I really like this look and I feel like it gives the illusion of longer legs and a bigger bootay.  xD

White lacy top paired with loose fitted denim shorts.  The brown belt is a nice touch.

 Notice again the shorts or skirt is worn higher on the waist with an accent belt to pull everything back in.

Cool military button styled shorts.

A well done contrast effect.

If a person is going to do a loose piece/tight piece combo, it's generally more flattering to keep it 'either or'.  Either the top is loose fitted and the bottom is tight fitted or vice verse.

Besides the trends, everything else seemed like typical 'summer-wear' such as tanks, loose shirts over bikini tops, sun dresses, and shorts.  

I hope this post was helpful to anyone confused about how to dress stylishly during the hot summer months.  I have big issues with finding flattering things to wear during the summertime because it's just so hot and uncomfortable and I tend to want to wear a simple T-shirt and shorts (which is fine but it's nice to dress pretty and feel good about oneself too!). 

Besides the clothing, keep in mind that accessories can also make the outfit.  If an outfit seems dull, it's a good idea to glam it up with a statement piece (which is basically a big, flashy-looking necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, headband, or whatever else constitutes as an accessory.  

Good luck with your summer fashion!  image

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