Wednesday, August 7, 2013

YouTube Trends: Movie Parodies

This is a comedy type of trend that I've been seeing on youtube lately.  I'm sure there are tons others but these are fairly popular and they seem to have been popping up one after the other. 

I've found 4 youtube channels that all have a similar theme.  Movie parodies.  


I put these in order from who seemingly started the theme.  I went by the dates of the videos so if that's inaccurate, I'm sorry, I was going by the youtubers' channel info.

I feel that Tobuscus is truly the one who started the movie parody theme because I had seen his video from way back, at least a couple years ago.  The first video I watched by him was the Harry Potter literal trailer.

It's really fun and entertaining.  The first movie trailer parody I've ever seen.

After this, it must have taken about a year later for me to discover the other channels and I'm thinking I may have seen one of BadLipReading's videos next, just by virtue of them being around longer.  To be fair, Screenjunkies might have caught onto the movie theme before BadLipReading since BadLipReading started off working with music videos and political speeches and only started spoofing movies about a year ago.  I just happened across BadLipReading first because I saw one of their music video parodies "Gang Fight" which was a spoof on Rebecca Black's God awful 'Friday' song.  It's actually a lot better imo, lol.

But anyway, I eventually found my way to the first BadLipReading movie parody video that they synced with Twilight.  These are funny in an interesting way.  xD

After BadLipReading, I found 'Honest Trailers' by ScreenJunkies.  This was less than a year down the road.  It was one of those featured videos under 'comedy' and I thought 'why not?', and clicked it.  I'm so glad I did.

Honest Trailers are hilarious.  I probably find them the most entertaining out of all the movie parodies rivaling CinemaSins.

I found CinemaSins through ScreenJunkies.  I think they actually feature CinemaSins in one of their videos.

Lastly, I watched a CinemaSins "Everything Wrong With..." video.  There's related videos on the sidebar of videos when people watch youtube and I saw an "Everything Wrong With..." video about the Hunger Games there while I was watching an Honest Trailer.  I like critics so I watched it.  Very funny stuff.

I'm personally really bad at meticulously nitpicking movies so I find it so amusing when people actually do this.

What do you guys think?  Have you watched any of these channels before?  Has anyone noticed any other interesting trends on youtube?

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