Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back from Japan!: Getting back home and omiyage

Hello, I'm back and kind of tired so I'll be making this post short.  x)

This visit to Japan is undoubtedly the most fun I've ever had there; It must be partially because of my meticulous planning.  Who knows how much time we would have wasted if I didn't plan everything out..

Mom and I each bought a JR Rail pass and covered some serious ground with it.  We traveled from Tokyo to Kagoshima (I'll elaborate in a later post) and visited various cities along the way.

The most memorable part of this trip had to be the onsen and sento we visited.  I personally enjoyed it immensely although mom couldn't take the heat, lol.

The plane ride back was okay.  All the seats seemed to have individual touch screen TV's fully equipped with movies, TV shows, and other forms of media.  I watched 3 Japanese movies and one Korean movie.  I watched mostly American movies on the flight to Japan so it made sense to watch the Asian movies on the way back. :D  They were all pretty good although the Japanese movie "Real" had a somewhat cheesy ending.

Japanese movies:
- Miracle Apples (Japanese: Kiseki no Ringo)
- Blindly in Love (Japanese: Hakoiri Musuko no Koi "Love of a Son in the Box")
- Real

Korean movie:
- Happiness for Sale (Korean: Mi-Na Moonbanggoo "Mi-Na Stationary")

The weather here has gotten a bit colder and when we got outside the airport, I was so cold and had to rush back inside.  Japan had some fairly warm and mild weather so I've been spoiled!  xD

Dad picked us up from the airport (I luv u forever otousan!) and he brought our two doggies so I was greeted with a huge amount of shedded fur all over my clothes....  It's good to be back.

We got home and for the first time, I noticed the fresh smell of our wooden floors and how much I missed it.  I think that if I were to have a house with wooden flooring and a Japanese style furo, I'll be set for life! ( "- v -" )

The trees have gotten really pretty too and have already started to turn red, yellow, and everything in between.

Most of the shopping we did was at the very end of the trip because we didn't want to be lugging around a lot of weight while we made our way south.

I bought a lot of stuff in Parche which is a shopping mall next to Shizuoka station.  I also stopped by Matsumoto Kiyoshi a few times since they carry a nice selection of cosmetic products.

[ I'll probably post more pics of the contents of these bags later.  Sorry, I'm pretty tired right now.. D:]

The rest of the shopping was all omiyage for the fam back at home.

I usually don't buy these things but this was small and reasonably priced at around 500 円.

This omiyage from Hiroshima had a nice selection of assorted flavors.  It's Momiji shaped manju with various fillings.  The theme for the city appeared to be represented by Momiji (Japanese Maple).

Pink = Choco
Green = Matcha
Yellow = Creme
Purple x2 = Koshi An
Dark Pink = Tsubu An

That's all for today.  I'll probably split up everything else into separate days; we spent a week in Japan and had unique adventures for each day of the week. ;D


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