Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back to work...

Yeesh, after almost a month away from work, it's so weird going back!  After staying in another country, (especially a foreign one), their ways sort of rubbed off on me so it's strange to be back in my own.  (>__>)

In Japan, everyone is so polite and nice, it's a slight slap in the face coming back to America where the politeness can vary quite a bit.  xP  Gotta put my 'tough coat' back on.

Yesterday was my first day back at work in a long time and I hate to say it but even after being gone for a while, it's strange how quickly I could re-learn everything and pick up where I left off.  The average person would be thrilled about it but not me.  I felt... jaded?  Like I've learned everything I could there and with no room for improvement, I can't grow in that job anymore...  It's a little depressing.  I'm really happy that I recently got another job opportunity as a receptionist for an exhibit so I hope that the administrator replies to me soon.  x)  I'm still looking for other job opportunities where I won't be so bored.

That day I was kind of tired and out of it (pulled an all-nighter because of the jetlag).  Most negative things weren't bothering me but this one lady managed to get on my bad side.  I mentioned something to her (it was mostly mindless small talk we're encouraged to make) and she replied with, "oh sorry, I wasn't listening.  I was on my phone.." and repeated that same phrase in different ways also adding in "stupid phone..." More like stupid woman.  I honestly would have been happier if she just ignored me and went on her merry way.  She could even have pretended to listen and I wouldn't care.  My intuition was telling me she she was being condescending. :/  

Screw that condescending b*tch and her sh*tty listening skills.  I'm gonna play Pokemon Y!  That game is so fun!  My brother got it as a birthday present for me and I didn't think Pokemon could make their games any better after playing Pokemon Black.  I guess I was wrong.  The graphics are amazing and I love the new 3D battles they made.  The new pokemon designs look sleek and I like how they're using the classic pokemon again instead of making half-hearted designs for new pokemon.

I really want to make a Halloween candy house.  I'll probably go shopping for the candy soon.  If I end up making it, I'll post some pictures.  :D

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