Monday, October 21, 2013

Japan: Shaving "down there" = Impure?

This topic came to me after my first time experiencing an onsen and sento (public bath).  For anyone who's been to any of these, you'll know what I'm talking about.  You're gonna see everything.

I noticed that all the Japanese women (in the baths I visited) didn't shave their pubes. 

It seems like Japan is a hair-free kind of country where they shave armpits, arms, legs, etc.  So why not pubic hair?

After doing some research, it appears that generally porn stars in Japan shave their pubes.  It's uncommon and not expected of the main public to do so.  I guess that means that if a girl were to shave her pubey's, she's telling the world she's a whore.

There's also the theory where pubic hair hides the lady parts so it's seen as more modest.

My question is, for the first theory, how true is this belief?  Does a girl really appear slutty if she shaves her pubic hair in Japan? 


SilverPixieFly said...

When my husband went to Japan (long before we met) he said that his female friends were actually asked if they were porn stars by the Japanese girls at the baths. Pretty brazen question to ask strangers.

MiNapi said...

@SilverPixieFly, Seriously?! Wow, that's a crazy thing to be asked. I guess that shows how little some Japanese girls know about other cultures' pubic hair shaving, lol. But then again, before I went to Japan, I never knew that rarely any women shaved. XD