Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thrift store shoes!

So this is a shopping option that I would have completely shunned a few years ago.  The reason is because of my fear of catching some kind of foot fungus/infection from wearing used shoes.

On my recent excursion to a thrift store, I just couldn't resist and ended up getting some really cute footwear.  They were a super bargain as they ended up being only $3.00-3.50 each!  I got them for a lot cheaper because it was a senior sale day where seniors get 50% off a ton of items (if you aren't a senior, remember to take a parent or grandparent with you!).  I'm sure that if I'd bought some of these brand new, they would easily cost me $50+. 
 tuzki44  Hooray for a successful bargain!

The blue colored sandals and the black strapped heels were bought new but the rest are my ultimate bargain babies!  xD

As for the 'foot cooties' problem that comes with used shoes, I've finally found the solution.  If one thinks logically, fungus or any other kind of microorganism needs moisture to survive.  And a shoe that's been unused for maybe months on end probably won't have any surviving foot fungus bacteria living in it.

Although to be safe, I've done some research and found that the "lysol method" works quite effectively.

What you do is get some lysol or any other kind of disinfectant spray, and soak the inside of the shoe with that.  Once it dries (or leave it on for at least 10 min), rinse it a couple times with a water hose to remove any disinfectant residue and lay it out in the sun to air dry.  This last step is optional, but to be super-extra safe, get a can of anti-fungal powder spray (the kind that's used for athletes foot), and spray that on the interior of the now dry shoe.  This is meant to kill any fungus in the shoe and also to prevent any kind of foot fungal infection.

Now that I've cleaned my shoes, I honestly don't feel like I need to use the anti-fungal spray; the interior of these shoes aren't cloth material like in a tennis shoe and it seems a lot cleaner.

I'm surprised that I got shoes for this cheap.  I also like the fact that since they're not current models, there's a less likely chance that I'll see someone else with these shoes and that gives them a rare quality.  ( ^ . ^ )

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SilverPixieFly said...

There is nothing like the feel of accomplishment from saving money on awesome shoes.