Thursday, December 12, 2013

Idiot driver making right turn...

Today while I was on my way home from driving my sister to work, I came across one of the most stupid drivers I've ever encountered.  I've been lucky not to run into many crazy drivers in my lifetime but then again, I don't drive much to begin with.

Back to my story, I was on a one lane road, passing a lake with some neighborhoods to my right.  About 5 cars away, I see a large, vehicle... sorry, can't say what kind of car it was but it looked similar in size to a GMC.

So that car looks as if it's waiting to make a right turn into my lane.  I'm driving at about 45mph and that car is slowly inching its way out.  I think that like most cars, it's going to wait until I pass because obviously I have the right of way and I'm clearly in sight.

Right as I'm about to pass that car, maybe 6 feet between me and them, they start to make their turn!  They do this as if I'm not even there.  I'm going too fast to stop, and my mind is in overdrive.  I know that I can't stop, so my best bet is to swerve to the left.

I barely miss hitting them.  Adrenaline is coursing through my veins by now and I'm in fast-n-furious mode.

Looking back in my rear view mirror, I can see that car has stopped mid road with a car waiting behind them.  I find it amusing that they were so shocked.  I mean, they should be.  Their idiocy almost cost them a bad accident.  The hit would have definitely caused them more damage than me as their driver's side was located on the point of impact.

This situation made me feel somewhat triumphant in a way because hopefully, this whole incident could have shaken some sense into this careless person.

I've run into stupid drivers before, and every time, I would be the one having to slam on my breaks or yield to them as they got away with their stupidity, time and time again.

Well finally, for once, I had the upper hand. 

- They would have gotten hurt from this possible accident much more than me.

- They were the one making the wrong move so they can't hold anything against me.

- They had to stop to make way for ME.

And I could see that they were shocked.  Perhaps, shocked at their own great mistake.  They could have gotten severely injured simply because they couldn't take the time to look to their left.

I really hope that this experience has opened their eyes and will make them think before making decisions on the road.  Especially when turning right.

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