Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Workplace ethic: complainers are endearing?

This is something I've observed over the years of working at a variety of jobs.  There are two people involved in this situation: The enabler and the complainer.

The conversation is usually small talk with the complainer well, complaining in a whiny kind of way, and the enabler smiling, laughing, agreeing, and making it seem like the complainer is the most endearing and interesting person in the world.  I really don't get why this is.  I mean, I don't like listening to others complain all day..  Not in a whiny manner that is.  Maybe it's because I have a more proactive approach to my problems.

I personally don't like this behavior because it reinforces bad work ethic in the workplace and it lowers morale.  This is the evolved complaining culture of America where complaining is a conversational topic anywhere and anytime in a work setting with little to no consequence.  It's non-productive and sadly, contagious. 

It also baffles me why some people actually like these complainers!  They treat them like they're a cute little kid whining about why they don't like something except for the fact that they're a grown adult that honestly, looks ridiculous.  It's really annoying and in a way, frustrating.  It's sort of like being in high school and seeing the stereotypical 'popular kid' win over everyone even though you can see they've got a bad personality.

Does anyone else notice this behavior in their workplace? 

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MayClover said...

Yes I can relate to it (when I had a part-time job).Now I only study (I don't have a part-time job atm because it's difficult to find one but that's a different topic of course XD)