Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The day before Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!! 

I've decided to stick around at home today and tomorrow.  It's just so crowded in stores during Christmas time and I like to avoid the traffic.  xP

I think it's okay to have a simple Christmas.  Today, I vacuumed my room and dusted out my bedsheets.  Doesn't it sound great to sleep in a dust free environment on Christmas eve? lol

At least someone seems happy about it... x3

During holidays or any day where a special dinner is in order, in our family, each of us contributes by cooking or buying at least one dish.  Mom made turkey and chicken.




I made "Vermont Curry."

 "with a touch of apple and honey" 

 It was good but I didn't taste any apple or honey.  Guess you could say it had a hint of sweetness..

I bought Melona bars too.  These things are expensive! 5 dollars for a box of 6!

Almost forgot, my bro bought a spinach pizza.  It had an interesting taste; a combination of spinach puffs and pizza.

Tonight, I'll probably snuggle with Scruffy and watch some Christmas television.  image

Merry Christmas guys and happy holidays! 

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