Friday, April 25, 2014

Ramen with an Egg and Anime

This evening, I was lazy so I decided to make some ramen.  It was a spicy Korean ramen and the picture on the package had a cracked egg in it.  So I put a cracked egg in mine, just to see if it was good.

 yum yum~!

I also added some cooked chicken.

It was pretty tasty and the egg gives the ramen a whole new dimension.  It makes it more.. rich I think... but I'll probably leave out the egg next time.  I felt like a lot of it went to waste since I don't drink the soup.

The egg does make it look more authentic though..  xD

Now I'm gonna watch Soul Eater.

It's one of my top recommended anime (still need to write a review for it).  The art style is fun and quirky and the story is hilarious yet has a deep theme.  I like how one of the main themes is about partnership and what it really means.  This is my second or third time watching through the series.  That's how good it is! x3  I'll probably read the manga soon.  I hear around the forum-sphere that if we think the anime is good, the manga is even better!

There's also FMA Brotherhood I'm re-watching for only the upteenth time.  I must have watched through that series at least 3-4 times now.  The story is just sooo dramatic and amazing!  But most people know about FMA so yeah, no surprise there, lol.


lovepirate said...

Ramen looks super yummy! :3
Unfortunately, I neither know FMA nor Soul Eater and I know that's a pity. Need to watch them, I guess. Looking forward to your review!

MiNapi said...

@lovepirate, Thanks! It's very easy to make. Yes! Hope you get to see them soon, personally I think they're great!