Tuesday, April 1, 2014

These days... and the week before

Hello everyone, Happy April-!  Sorry I've been kind of a downer for the last post or two..  Lots of stuff happening at work since it's 'school field trip season', which means lots of kids and people going through at work.. and it's LOUD. xP
After working at this job, I feel so much more empathy for all those front desk directory/information employees I saw in Japan (esp train stations).... actually, this goes for anywhere else in the world.  Front desk jobs may look comfortable and carefree but it can get so incredibly stressful!

And this is especially if one has a disagreeable coworker.  I'm having to deal with my sometimes hated and sometimes not-so-hated coworker.  I swear, she's got one foot in and one foot out of my sh*t list. lol.  I also have a certification test coming up towards the end of the month so I'll have to practice, practice, practice if I don't want to spend another $100 or so dollars for another test.  Screw that!  My motivation?  Pass the nurse aide certification test and I get to buy a Clarisonic~!  :D  I've been eyeing it for a while.  I'll be sure to make a review post if I buy one. ;)

So....... the silver lining through all this?  I finally found my long lost mascara today! ( "> w <" )  I swear that thing must run around and hide while I'm asleep...

With all this stress, it's making me consume more than my usual dose of anime..  But who cares?!  Anime is awesome! XD

Currently, I'm re-watching the Pokemon movies with my sis (since somehow, she's into the pokemon anime too, lol).  Netlix recently made the first season of pokemon available again!  Talk about nostalgia.  :3
I may sound like a broken record, but I really miss how the old Pokemon used to be.  Pokemon Black/White is also available on Netflix but it doesn't have nearly as many jokes as the originals.. D:  Is more humor too much to ask?  

I also got back into Sword Art Online since it's also on Netflix. ( ^w^ )  It's so much better to watch it on TV.

The newest one I picked up is Rebuild of Neon Genesis Evangelion.  I recall seeing a while back in NewType that there was a remake but I guess I didn't feel like getting back into the psycho-craziness of Evangelion at the time.  Good thing I didn't watch it then, since it's literally taken them years to produce each new episode.  I've effectively dodged the dry spells between eps, hehe.

I believe there are 4 episodes each (the 'Final' still in production) all 93-112 minutes long.  So far I think it's great.  The animation is especially gorgeous and respectful to the original, keeping the same character design style.  Imo, it's well paced and has good drama.  The ending theme song "Beautiful World" by surprise! surprise!, Hikaru Utada, is beautiful and has great emotional energy.  The song does a nice job of matching the tone of the anime.
I've decided to re-watch the original so I can have the fun of comparing the two.

NagiAsu is almost finished~!  Only one episode to go.  I've been impressed by the last couple of episodes.  Lots of development going on.  I'm curious to see what they do at the end.  Will it be tragic, happy, bittersweet?  Just gotta wait another week...

I started watching Hellsing Ultimate after discovering TFS Hellsing Ultimate Abridged.  It's hilarious, that is, if you like bloody crude humor.  xD
The anime is of course, great.  I would think it would be difficult to make Hellsing bad...  The story is awesome!

Last week was a good one since I got to go eat SUSHI~!  Such good times..  Sis treated. ^^ 

I specially decorated the pics for some amusement.  Hope you all like them!  I'm trying to get back into decorating pictures again. ^^  I've been inspired by works of others and all the new stamps from Line Camera.  ;D

So good-!!!

I made my own sushi too but they're just some simple commoner tuna rolls. lol  Not nearly as pretty as the restaurant sushi but they tasted good! ^^

Sorry, too lazy and didn't feel the need to decorate this one.  xD  I present, commoner tuna rolls.  The cheap sushi. lololol

Okay, I'm heading off to dream land now.  Gotta wake up early tomorrow for the damned meeting..  Speaking of dreams, I took a nap this afternoon and remembered the strangest thing from my dream.  I had this small microchip embedded in my palm and when I tapped it, it would release this light thing and show my genetic code on my forearm.  It also hurt!  Sort of like a pinching feeling.  Weirdest dreamed up thing so far..  It's like it came right out of a sci-fi-!  lol

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.  I personally hope I'm not coming down with a cold...  I can feel an itch in my throat so I'd better 'up' my VitC intake. 

Everyone around me seems to be getting sick.  At work people tell me it's because so many kids and people are in the building...  No, must stay strong!!!  C'mon immunity, power up!  ( > . < lll)


lovepirate said...

That sushi looks so good. *_*
I'd love to watch anime more recently at the moment. It's always so relaxing. Need to take some time for that.

MiNapi said...

@lovepirate, Thank you! If I could give you some, I would! ^^

Yes, there's always time for some anime. XD