Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lazy days

It's been a damn long time since I've written a true, from the heart blog post. So, I'm going back to the traditional way: pencil and paper. Maybe the writing will flow better if I write out my blog post first in a rough draft and then type it out.

I think I've been going through a lot of summer laziness. At the beginning of the summer after 3rd semester ended, I was so ambitious with plans of study schedules and aiming to make myself productive. But after my trip to Seoul, I just kind of lazed out. I don't have much of a desire to study during the summer (I mean, who does?). I try but it hasn't been working out too well. Inside, my mind is just done. It's literally telling me, "screw time tables!" I'm sure part of the problem is internet access, catching up on tons of TV shows/movies, and my recent purchase of FFXIII-2. (- . - ;;)

Today was pretty chill. Grams went out on a senior excursion to a wildlife reserve and that left me to have the house to myself. Other family members were either at work or doing other things out of the house. I went around and took some pictures of cute plants mom recently bought.

This one's the cutest imo ^^

This one looks kind of tropical..
 And I hung out with Scruffs. House buddy for life!

Later in the evening, mom and I went to eat out and we chose this Vietnamese pho restaurant that I really should appreciate more because that pho was awesome! (* 0 * ) It was so good.. The best pho I've had in a while.

Chicken pho
Perhaps it was due to me being really hungry but anyway... it was very delicious. :9

A recent purchase of mine that I'm really happy about are these sketchers flats I got at Marshall's.

These shoes are so comfy!
A new Marshall's opened up near our house this summer. They have a lot of fun goodies. Especially in the skincare/beauty section. They even have international products! I was surprised to see a cosmetic from Holika Holika.

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