Wednesday, July 20, 2016

June, 2016 Favorites

I often see people doing these kinds of things for makeup on youtube so I thought I would make my own list of things I've been liking this past June. ^^

1. Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

I got this from a local Marshall's and it smells so nice! It's citrus so it's more energizing and it makes my hands feel so soft.

2. The Flash TV Series

Nuff said. I wrote a post all about how much I love this show. It even made me start watching DC animations, the most recent one being Young Justice which is also amazing. (*o*)

3. Bunny Wrist Rest

I found this baby in a Daiso store while in Seoul, Korea. I didn't think much of it at first, just that it would be interesting to try out. But it's proven to be wonderful and feels like a luxury cushion for my wrist.

4. Final Fantasy XIII-2

I bought this while it was on sale on the PlayStation Network. Long story short, I had some money in there from a game purchase mistake refund. I know this game gets a lot of heat from people but its replayability is kind of amazing. I've played this game maybe 3 times now and I like it more for the gameplay than the story.

5. Facial Masks

This is one of the things I bought a ton of in Korea. Mostly because of all the sales I see outside of shops. Some of them literally came out to only 48 cents per mask! That's too much of a steal to pass up. I've been using one everyday and I think it will last me 4 months. But my skin feels so much more moisturized since I started doing the daily sheet mask!

6. Mickey Mouse Sleeveless Shirt

It's been so hot these days and although it's brought some rain, the temperature has been steadily rising. I found this shirt while in Korea. I thought it was really cute and would make for comfortable lounge wear. ;)

7. This Bow Hairclip

This has been a really cute and nice thing to keep my hair out of my face. I've been growing my bangs out and this helps a lot and makes me feel kawaii. xP

8. Blueberries

We had this major sale of blueberries at the Farmer's Market for only 88 cents per container of blueberries! So we ended up eating a ton of blueberries this past June. I found they make a great healthy snack, just by itself.

9. BB Cushions

I just recently opened up to these things and I realize that they're actually really cool products. They make the application of foundation much cleaner and easier process. The first one I tried was my sister's Loreal Lumi Cushion and from there I branched out to other types. I might put up my own review in the future if I collect enough of these.

10. Seltzer Water

I find this a great alternative to soda. I never drank much soda to begin with but seltzer water is really good if you want something a bit more refreshing than plain water. I'm surprised how much I like seltzer water now because I didn't like it before. Maybe it's an acquired taste.

This monthly favorites thing is really fun! I hope whoever reads this enjoyed it too! (^o^) /''

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