Friday, July 15, 2016

Why I love The Flash TV series (minor spoilers)

I'm so glad that I didn't discover The Flash until this summer... Because I binge watched both seasons.

I'll admit, The Flash is cheesy. But in a good way. I appreciate how the show doesn't take itself too seriously and is open to making jokes about themselves and other shows.

One of the main reasons why I got so hooked with The Flash is because it's lighthearted and has well developed characters, including their relationships with one another. The hero, Barry Allen is also quite easy on the eyes. ;)

I really like Barry as a hero because he doesn't conform to the outdated superhero trope where girls don't see him as desirable just because he's a little awkward and nerdy. Sure, he can't seem to get the girl he loves to give him a second glance, but he's also handsome and attractive not just because of his appearance, but because of his intelligence and good heart. He doesn't have this Peter Parker syndrome where girls avoid him as if he isn't desirable, because he is. Smart, kind, and nerdy guys are sexy now.

Overall, I am happy with Grant Gustin portraying Flash. At first, I wasn't too sure about it after watching him being such a jerk on Glee but he really shines as The Flash. His acting is great and with all these Flash tears (as I like to call them), and he has been doing a spot on job at acting it out genuinely.

Going back to nerdy guys being sexy, this also applies to my other favorite character Cisco Ramon, portrayed by Carlos Valdez.

I think Carlos Valdez really made this role his own. His character is different from the original comics but since I don't read the comics, I wasn't particularly bothered by this change. In The Flash (TV series), Cisco Ramon is the quick witted, cheeky scientist who works at Star Labs.

If what I say doesn't convince people to start watching this series, Cisco's funny quotes just might.

One of the things The Flash does best is developing its characters. So, there really isn't a character I truly hate, including the villains. Even the villain from the first season was forgiven for their strange motivations because of how well everything built up to the end, in my opinion.

There's talk about how Iris West and her family were race-bent but I really don't see the significance in that so I'm not going to talk about it.

I think Iris West portrayed by Candice Patton is super pretty and gives her character a lot of strength and virtue. Although, I'm annoyed with the writers for giving her this damsel in distress syndrome during the first season. Very out of character, she would refuse to listen to people when they were trying to keep her out of danger when her character is obviously intelligent. Someone would think she could see the idiocy in her actions. I feel it's out of place that she acted ridiculously stubborn and short-sighted. This is something I blame the writers for.

I won't talk about all the character relationships but I will mention how I love the frenemy relationship that eventually blossoms between Cisco and Dr. Wells.

In the meantime, I will be occupying myself with DC animations because I can't find another live action superhero show like The Flash. Just a few more months until season 3....

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