Saturday, May 16, 2009

Booze!!!...... Jus' kidding!

I recently had a strawberry daiquiri to celebrate and it was super sweet! I shared it with my sis and parents so I didn't get any effects from it. I've never, ever been drunk before if that's believable.... Well, there was this one time I was sort of 'drunk' after I got drugged for my wisdom tooth removal and was heavily sedated but that's about it.

I'm always afraid of what I might say when I'm drunk whether it's something hurtful or if it's something super embarrassing about myself that I don't want others to know. >_>

Today, my manager was actually so nice! I did write a kinda mean entry about him earlier about his faults but sometimes, he can be sweet.
He bought me a breakfast strawberry jamba juice thing and it was pretty good. You can say that the cup of that was considered my meal for the day and I didn't have to eat my lunch I packed. It was that filling.
I'll say that I agree with my last coworker's metaphor about him being like a sour candy. He's sour on the outside but can be sweet on the inside... If that makes sense. lolz

The road trip has actually been advanced to Monday instead of Tuesday. So I'll be going there then. Hope that it's fun since I've never ridden in a car for over 2 hours.
I'll be sure to take some pics.

I may actually be able to go to Washington state for a trip after all. My dad was telling me that the flights were opening up during the last week of May. I won't expect to be able to go in the end but it would be fun if I could. Then I can check out all the Twilight places. xD

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