Saturday, May 16, 2009

Commemoration to Bad Couple

My next favorite drama that I just began watching on mysoju. I highly recommend this one. I've never actually gotten so close to laughing out loud before. The girl in this drama is REALLY funny. A must watch if you like lighthearted/feel-good dramas that are also romantic (in a cute/funny way) and sexy.

The basic storyline is that there is this woman, Dang Ja, that has a successful career as a fashion editor but wants to have a child. Only problem is that she is against the idea of getting married. She seeks out a man with the 'perfect genes' and eventually comes across this guy named Gi Chan who is said to be perfect in every way by a matchmaker lady she comes across. He is a botanist that seems to have no interest in women. Dang Ja is persistent though and does everything in her power to seduce him into making him sleep with her to get his 'genes'. Gi Chan is against the idea of having a child without marriage and commitment while Dang Ja is the exact opposite.

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