Saturday, May 2, 2009

Artist block?

I seriously can't think of any good ideas for creative art right now. It really sucks. I believe that it's because I'm all caught up in college class planning.

I recently visited the MGD counselor of our college and of course, that led me to having to see yet another counselor. The whole problem was that I wanted to make sure the classes I took at this college would be able to transfer to the other college. It turns out that only 'academic' courses are guaranteed transfer and all other MGD courses are questionable.... shit.

I also have to make an appointment for my re-badging because where I work, we're required to have badges renewed every year...

Okay, so back to my artist block. It's so weird. Sometimes, I'm full of ideas and others, I have no idea of what to create. I'm hoping that it won't be this bad if I actually do get a career job in a creative art field where I have to be coming up with ideas constantly. Such pressure... lol

I guess all I can do right now is sit back and try to let this episode pass me by. It's happened before, believe me.

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