Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year: 2013!!!


Happy 2013 everyone-!!!  LOL, not the most elaborate setup above but ramen always tastes delicious on cold nights.  ( b ^ . ^ )b  

I can always save the elaborate Japanese styled New Years food for another day when I'm not so lazy.

 Must do closeup...

You might ask, why ramen and pizza?:
A: Pizza is one of my loves so it always tastes good.  Imo, pizza is so awesome because it adds this festive vibe to almost any occasion, don't you think?!

I'm spending my New Year chillin' at home with the sis.  Our parents went out to party.  Doesn't our family sound so reversed right now?  xD

I made a makeshift kotatsu which was a big feat for me; I never really got to that project in a long time.  I might have started 'Project Kotatsu' at least a year or two ago.

I wanted to make a model of a kotatsu to see if I would like the idea of having one.  So far I really like it and it's pretty comfy to sit under the blanket, even though there's no heating unit underneath.  We also don't have a new couch yet so the kotatsu model I made is a great gathering place for people in the family.

It was very simple to create; I got a twin sized comforter blanket and draped it over our short coffee table.  I also got another two blankets (one fleece and one quilted) and used that as the mat under the table and grabbed two couch pillows to sit on.

I didn't buy the heating unit yet because I've recently gotten into the whole EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) thing that causes cancer; The kotatsu heater does give off a certain amount of radiation so I was getting paranoid about it, lol.  I also found that I would have to make sure to get a really hefty voltage converter because the kotatsu heater is a very powerful heating unit that can possibly burn the house down; It heats up maybe 40% hotter in America than Japan.  After more research, I found that a lot of voltage converters used for heaters just shut off on their own because they're too weak.  So I dunno, perhaps I can make do without the heating unit.  On the bright side, it'll save me the cancer causing radiation and the possibility of burning the house down. :)

 *Sigh...* But despite all my doubts, I really wanna be HER!!!  ( > . < );;;

Who knows, I just might get a kotatsu in the future...  It would definitely benefit me because my room always manages to feel like an icebox even with the house heating on (the upstairs heating SUCKS).  And it could save on basic heating.  I'll blog about it if there's any progress with 'Project Kotatsu'.  x)

I decided to end my year by going to work today. I'm not sure if it was the opportunity to make money or the fact that I would be finishing off the end of my year by working hard that possessed me to do that. 

Enough of work, I got to go home earlier which was cool.  My sis is still getting over the stomach flu so it's too bad she had to feel so sh*tty right before the new year.  She even failed to finish her instant ramen which is weird because she loves the stuff, even more than me.  I luckily passed by this winter season without getting sick so I'm so thankful!  \( ^ o^ )/

To end this year, my skin feels so yucky...  Sort of like I'm breaking out and my skin is strangely oily, bleh...........  I suppose I have been neglecting my usual skin care routine with the facials...  
This might have been because we had our uncle over recently and so a lot of my attention was focused on being a good host.  Sorry skin! 

But on a good note, I successfully made my uncle a bento box for his trip home so he wouldn't be hungry on the plane.  He called me back when he got home and thanked me again because he really enjoyed it.  Just those words make me really happy to make bento's for people.  ^^  He even shared some leftovers with my grandma and she liked it too.  I sent home sourdough bread with him because that's the only thing my grandma wants from our state, lol.  She was super happy and thanked me three times!  Anyway, when she's happy, I'm happy.  So for my uncle's trip here, we did pretty much everything we set out to do for him during his stay AND I also remembered to send an omiyage (present) back with my uncle for my grandma.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
I feel so awesome right now. (" ^ T ^ ")

I honestly don't have any New Year's resolutions.  Call me what you will but I feel like I'm making resolutions for myself all the time throughout the year and I wonder why I should wait to make any at the end of the year.

Tomorrow I'm gonna indulge and chillax while catching up on some of the games that I've been neglecting for much too long, such as TWEWY, KHDDD, FFXIII-2, etc....  I'll probably watch some Kyle XY too.  I've gotten so addicted to that show... this calls for another blog~!  My sis is also addicted so it must have some kind of appeal.  She usually doesn't get into the stuff I watch, hmmm... 

As for movies I must watch this New Year, one of them is "Les Miserables."  My mom really wants to go to that one since she got so addicted to "Phantom of The Opera" and is now into the dramatic musicals.  I'm quite interested myself and look forward to seeing a new drama and Anne Hathaway's performance.

Anyway, Happy New Year of 2013~!!!  This is gonna be an awesome year!  Let's make the most of it!  :D

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