Friday, December 7, 2012

A good yet strangely annoying day at work

[WARNING: This entry contains large amounts of foul language and ranting.  Read at your own discretion.]

Today was actually a very productive and good day at work for me.  I got a lot done in terms of organizing and putting things where they belonged.  The time also flew by.  The only issue I had lay with this particular coworker who came to work with me in my area today.

As associates, we can pick and choose which area we want to settle in and it's a maximum of two associates to each area.

So anyway, one of my coworkers, let's call her Two-Faced Betty (lol) decides to work with me in the area I originally settled in AND got to first, may I add.  I call her Two-Faced Betty because when you first meet her, she seems like a really sweet old lady BUT my impression of her was immediately shattered after my explanation below...

To start off my morning, I go around the store, greet customers, and ask them if they need help with anything.  And here's the catch, I honestly don't think this is due to me simply not being at the register at the right time, but Two-Faced Betty is getting all the sales, even the ones with the customers who I greeted and offered help to.  I also observed her behavior; I would be at the counter right next to the register and when a customer started walking up to it, she would rush in out of nowhere and say, "I can help you over here!" and literally jump right in front of me who was walking toward the register.

I recall talking with another coworker on one of my first days and she mentioned to me that Two-Faced Betty "never leaves the register."  So basically what she was telling me was:

1.) Two-Faced Betty is lazy and pretends to be doing work when she really isn't, and most importantly
2.) Two-Faced Betty is a register hoarder.

Now remember how I mentioned that THIS is one of the reasons why I despise the sales goal with all of my hate?  This is my first experience with this particular situation and it was NOT pleasant.  It was SO unpleasant that I even when I tried to think that the sales goal isn't a big deal, it didn't work to console me..  I didn't really know how to approach her about what she was doing.  My issue isn't with the fact that she's 'stealing' my customers, in fact, I don't think that at all.  It's not like I own customers just because I talk with them or help them.  The customers will choose which associate to go to in the end, we don't have much control over that.  What I'm seriously bothered by is the fact that she rarely left the register and she didn't even take the time to go out on the floor to put away product so that I could have a turn to ring up customers.

To put the icing on the cake, she even asked me to ring a customer FOR her while she went off to do something else!!!  Me being naive and thinking that she means that I can ring the customer under my number, thanks her for it but then realizes that the register is already punched in under HER number...  Thinking back, I wonder if I should have canceled the started transaction process and punch in MY number instead.  I seriously felt like a total loser in that situation.  I think next time, I'll probably just cancel the transaction and punch in my own number.  If associates want someone to ring a customer for them, they shouldn't be asking their fellow associate (unless they're a good coworker who doesn't hoard the register all to themselves), they should be asking a support associate who has no sales goal.  In that situation, I honestly felt like she was rubbing the sale she got in my face.

She also asks me to do a task that SHE should be doing such as finding pants in a certain size (luckily for me, I didn't process what she said as I was engrossed in my own work and ended up not doing anything, mwahahaha).

To end this rant, I believe that Two-Faced Betty is evil in the way that she's a sales hoarder who doesn't care about her coworkers and thinks it's okay to walk all over them to achieve her own sales goal.

It's so ironically funny too because she likes to ask her coworkers what their sales goals are and yet I wonder why she's so nosy about it..  I mean, she obviously doesn't care whether any of the rest of us reach our sales goals or not.

Another irony, she also appeared soooo shocked that I had a negative sales goal by the time I got back from lunch.  I thought, "That's partially because you glued your ass to the register all f*cking morning!!!"

And now for all my feelings [in order] for Two-Faced Betty...:


I only had a pathetic 7% of my sales goal completed by the time I left for lunch and one of my customers from who knows when must have returned something while I was gone because it was freaking -1% when I got back and I only had 3 hours left for the day.......  Lucky me.

At that point, I already had the sick mentality where I wanted to see how far I could fall with that sales goal and how bad I could get it before I left for the day.  In that moment I Honest-To-God, wished that I would have the most ultimately, stupendously, HORRIBLE sales goal EVER by the time I finished for the day so I could show it off and talk to people about how Two-Faced Betty wonderfully contributed to my worst sales goal in the history of time.  Unfortunately for me, I actually got to around 50% of my sales goal which wasn't bad enough to give any real impact to my claims.  Booooooo...

I'm still not sure how to approach this situation without coming off as a total bitch.  I guess for now, the best solution is avoiding Two-Faced Betty and just working with another coworker in a different area the next time this situation arises.  She can put away the freaking items in her section on her own because I am through with her sh*t!  I guess if she somehow ends up asking me if I'm avoiding her for whatever reason, I'll reply with my coincidental bad luck on sales while with her and continue to avoid working in the same area with her at all costs.  ( -___- )

Next time I see Two-Faced Betty on the floor, this will be me..


じゅりあ said...

hahaha gifs appreciated!

But I'm sorry about her :/ she sounds like such a bitch

MiNapi said...

lol, Thanks! I'm using them a lot more often these days, especially in the more 'emotional' blogs. xD

Thank you, it really does suck when you think you know someone who is so nice but then they do something to make you see their true colors.. x(